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Voice. Visibility. Impact.

Everything you long for is possible. Let's start with your Complimentary Call or the Theta Healing & Vocal feminine Presence Session

30 minutes

You’re a visionary entrepreneur. Your Voice is SO needed! Now is NOT the time to fall into pieces; step into your feminine leadership.

After this session:

1. You’ll discover what’s the real problem that’s keeping to fully claim your stage:
Why is your voice not heard, and is your impact and income missing while you have all the qualities?
2. You’re going to get one tip from me that will help you straight away.
3. We’ll look at what it is that you need for now and see if you and I are a match.
A Complementary-Call is always through Zoom or by phone.

Three hours towards your free voice & self expression

Every problem carries the answer inside itself and inside of you is everything you need. A Theta healing will connect you directly with the answers and the solutions for you that are in the highest good for all and in the optimal form for you at this moment. 

Every session is unique and carries in it its own miracles. It is swift, very gentle, safe and it brings you a deep awareness of who you are and what is going on in your life and what has been stopping you. 

If you want to, there is complete freedom here, we can heal and transform the problem so you can start to do what you truly long to do.

We start with an initial 3 hr session, and if you need more sessions I will simply charge you for that extra time after. 
The Theta healing & Vocal feminine Presence session is my only offer that can be booked outside a complete program or VIP day. Sessions can be done in person or online. 

De drie belangrijkste redenen waarom je als vrouwelijk leider nog niet het succes en de vervulling hebt waar je naar snakt.

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