Elisabeth de Charon de Saint Germain

BONUS Women’s Powertype Test & Rapport

What fuels the energy of your voice and the way you inspire?

Discover how you uniquely impact the world

  • You have personal and leadership strengths that energises all you do in life, business and in the way you voice yourself
  • This Women’s PowerType test is a powerful tool to empower your understanding and insights on how to align yourself with what it is you truly want to manifest.


The test of the One of Many Women’s PowerType Profile gives us the chance to access a fast, powerful and effective way for you to understand yourself and your current challenges more deeply.

You have received a unique token that allows you to take this test. One of many ™ has developed this powerful profiling tool to help you discover your strongest, most natural leadership style.

With the outcome of your profile, drawn from the Five Women’s PowerTypes ™, we will look at how you are currently resonating in your life, business, and in how you connect and communicate. In how you voice yourself.

The reason I love to use this test, is that it gives us access to five amazing examples of how we can be authentic for the softer aspects of our nature, while remaining courageous, powerful and in the lead.

So we start from an empowered place.

Because whatever in life we want to change that is currently holding us back from what it is we want to manifest, we are not broken. We come with a full set of powers, of gifts and a unique way of how our soul resonates and creates the outcomes in our life.

Once you have received your rapport, read it and look at how you are resonating with it. A good question to bring is always: how aligned am I with my soul’s desire? With the knowledge of your profile you will have a deeper understanding of why you are where you are. It can offer you some very powerful actionable steps to align yourself to what it is you truly want.

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