What makes me the expert on Authentic Expression and Unconditional Love?

What makes me the expert on Authentic Expression and Unconditional Love?

What makes me the expert on Authentic Expression and Unconditional Love?

I know I make a bold claim when I state that everyone who desires it, is able to create a life that is aligned with their authentic expression, no matter the circumstances.
The results of my clients testify it is possible.
But the reason I know this, with so much certainty, is that I did not become the expert / aka high priestess of Authentic Expression & Unconditional Love by accident.
 My own life has given me every opportunity to master it for myself; in my life,  relationships, and inside my vocation.
It has become a constant companion that allows me to create a completely authentic life, speak my truth, and express myself with more freedom than I ever could have imagined.

My life has always been filled with creativity and expression. Music, singing, voice & presentation coaching for entrepreneurs and speakers, art, beauty, organic food, energy healing, massage therapies, spirituality, and with coaching women in claiming their feminine leadership and stage.

I founded and owned several organizations and businesses. I had talent, ambition, and resilience enough. But somewhere along the line I recognized the gaping holes in the foundations I had builded my life upon.  

Things were not adding up. Too much hard work and too little satisfaction. Too little intimacy and too much politeness.

Hearing what I wanted from life had become incredibly hard. 

Here I was, with all my manifesting and creative abilities. And I had no idea what I myself truly longed for. So, I manifested disharmony and loneliness.

Growing up with a mother with a narcissistic personality disorder I had learned to carefully hide my own truth. For the outside world, but especially for her. If I would have shown her my truth, my authentic self, I instinctively knew she would have completely taken away her mother love. 

Unconditional Love & Truth

And so, I was in hiding. Deaf for what my intuition was telling me over and over.

Until my marriage got under fire, in a situation that normally would have resulted in a complete crash. But this was a situation where my partner of 26 years, finally had found the courage to show me his true authentic self. His unique expression.  

And that sparked the chain reaction of Unconditional Love in me. For the life we had together and for us as individuals.

Every wall that was not aligned with mine, and our, authentic expression tumbled down. It created new opportunities that opened space for my heart to sing loud and free.

Until we rebuild our lives into something deeply satisfying and authentic. It brought me my dream house in the middle of nature. And I got to travel, find my own pace, and experience more joy in life than I had believed possible.

It is an ongoing process. The downfall of all the identities that I have been hiding behind has very painful elements to it.

But it is so much more healing and juicier than that it is painful. 

It also brought me to my own Mother Love. I am able to give to me what I longed for from someone who was not able. I wrote an article about it called Healing the Mother wound.

The magic in my life happens when I trust the truth of what makes me joyful. I take out the judgement and the self righteousness of all the beliefs I have gathered before.
Can we start to have a relationship with the truth of what makes us really happy? 
There is no right or wrong when it comes to the truth of our heart.  As the divine  creator of our own life it is up to us how we choose to create it.
Out of fear, hoping we will stay safe?
Or by trusting in unconditional love and experiencing opportunities that far exceeds your own expectations? 
The choice is ours. What will yours be?

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