Want my help to Rise up to your Master Year? To speak your truth?

Want my help to Rise up to your Master Year? To speak your truth?

Want my help to Rise up to your Master Year? To speak your truth?

Want my help to speak your truth?

Now’s the time to register and join for free. We start tomorrow. 


Here we are, a bit over the threshold of a magical year: 2018. My numerology friends have explained to me this is going to be a ‘Master Year” because of the number 11 – which is a so called Master-number. All the things we have been dreaming about, preparing, and have been building up, have a chance to come to fruition, in a way that is elevated from the ‘normal’.

And so we felt it from the start: Oprah Winfreys acceptance speech for the Cecil B. de Mille Award when she said: “…what I know for sure is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have.”


For the man and women who feel it is time for change – be it political, businesswise, in education, healthcare, or in a more personal realm by finally working from your heart, doing what you love, aligning your soul with your work in the world – this offers the chance to follow your True North.

Speak your truth.

What does it imply? What is it that is calling you to speak about?

Who is the one that needs to hear your words, your sound, your essence?

Speaking your truth asks of you to align your self-expression with your soul, your spirit. That part of you that holds your light and being.

There’s always some part of me that resists the wisdom of the numerologists and other wise-women and -man who offer us their insights. But this time there have been my own dreams during the twelve nights from Christmas eve until the sixth of January. And I must say, my dreams have been pretty clear and straight forward. It made me shift my petty belittling ways of keeping small and adjusting my dreams until they look ‘normal and explainable’.

Who wants that?! Really?

So, I invite you to come with me and travel towards our true north. Your True North.

I will host a small and free course/ challenge ‘Rise’.

It is about getting new insights and keys so you’re able to shift the habits that make you go into hiding, or into pushing through life. Those habits that are keeping you from working, doing business and speaking your truth in flow.

We have stories to tell, and we want to raise the current paradigm in a way that it welcomes co-existence, co-creation, wellbeing, equality and safety for all to pursue the callings of our soul. There are things to do for us women if we want to make that happen.

The coming week, from the 10th until the 17th of January, I am giving a small and free course, or call it a challenge, that invites you to Rise and Speak your truth.

My inner world lives inside of the harmonies of sounds – even more than in words.

I have gained a unique sets of keys that I love to share with you. Keys that can help you to tap into that space of soft powers, belonging to that part of our soul that wants to hear, and be heard. To be able to express itself through sounds and in communication.

This is a challenge that is intuitive, you will learn a spectrum of the essential keys that I want to give you, so it may help you to inspire you to open up your true voice with softness and with flow. I love for you to see how you can gain strength, ease, and impact, by stepping into the powers of the Women Powertypes©.

But you, the questions and the energy you’ll bring, will be part of how this course and challenge will resonate and be created. This is about co-creation.

So this is how it will look like:

Everyday there is a time where we will meet for about 15 or 20 minutes in a live video broadcast inside my closed Facebook group called ‘Rise, Resonate and Thrive’. If you are not yet part of it please sign up here  and I will admit you a.s.a.p. It will be on different times during the week so you will be able to make it at least once or twice live. If you’re not able to make it live, you can catch up afterwards, and then do the exercise, tool, or experience the key I will be giving you for that day. You will receive emails to notify you.

And in the same closed Facebook group you will be able to ask your questions, share your ideas, find others who you will inspire, and who will inspire you! I will be in the Facebook group too, not all the time, but I will see you and will be able to listen and answer you.

I know how precious your time is to you, and this challenge will not ask a lot of time from you. Still it might be enough to give you the impact you need, so speaking your truth is no longer something that makes you feel scared, but is something that feels most welcome and light.

So, if you haven’t sign up yet, sign up here, I love to welcome you!  << https://www.vocalpresence.nl/rise-english-edition/ >

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