Voice Awakenings Program

Voice Awakenings

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Take your power back and authentically express yourself - no matter what

Voice Awakenings is a program that invites your authentic expression to come forward.

Do you feel you’re left out from the magic in life?

Is overwhelm and uncertainty part of why you’re backing away from honouring your longing to serve as the leader that you are? 

Are you afraid to claim your own voice in the arena?

Vocal Awakenings helps you to build a receptivity and a relationship with your divine gifts, your voice, and your guides.

Embracing your Voice- and Listening Power will awaken your leadership as a co-creator of your own life.

Voice your best life into existence.

Exploring your voice as a tool for healing, leadership, creating, and expressing your authentic being.

Voice as an instrument of spiritual growth and awakening.

Building Relationships

Discover the magic of your voice by connecting with the 5 elements. We use ancient wisdom & shamanic spirit hacks to build an awakening relationships with your body, mind, emotions, and spirit.


Create a deeply grounding connection, through your voice, with the loving sacredness and wisdom of your body and sexuality.


When we connect to our authentic voice and expression, through the lens of unconditional love, our creative powers and playfulness merge – we get ‘unstuck’ – we move and transform.

Self Love

Voice Awakenings will enhance your self love, the inner judgement will fall away, and a deeper, unconditional, love and certainty remains.


Part of what makes you so afraid to shine your light is the fear that you are not good enough. Of not being ‘good’ at all.

I know how it feels.

Being raised with the voice of my mother literally preaching into me her conviction of my unworthiness, it was far from easy to reclaim my way into realizing I was worthy of the freedom of my authentic expression. 

My fear of losing her motherlove was a constant. Luckily, beside this fear in my life, I have been blissfully blessed in so many ways. And within all the confusion and hurt, I discovered something magical. When I decided to end the hiding of my authenticity, in exchange for her acceptance, she did end our relationship as a mother and daughter.

But at that moment I also found out that all the unconditional love, I had been craving for from somebody else, was already part of me. It was looking at life from a new, and a chosen narrative of love that opened my heart. 

Taking your own story and narrative into your own hands is maybe the most powerful way of using your voice to create your best live. 

It is not only our personal history that can make us dim our light. We are in the middle of changing paradigms.

Being scared to speak and be seen in our authenticity, is also the result of an imprint that has been put over humanity for a long, long time.

It causes most of us to belief that we are helpless -unworthy, powerless beings. That we are best of abiding and listening to the will of others who know and can decide what is best for us.

This belief has been imprinted within religions, in hierarchical governing, and in our educational systems. Overly patriarchal systems that ridiculed the inclusiveness and wisdom of the feminine. All this in order to gain power and hold control.

This system, this old paradigm, is slowly but surely, crumbling down under its own weight. 

We all feel how it is no longer aligned with our longing for freedom and autonomy. Collectively we are stepping into our own sovereignty.

However, all the old beliefs are still part of our upbringing and part of our ancestral DNA. It runs in our blood and everyday life.

It wants to be seen and acknowledged without judgement so it can be released and brought into the light. In doing so we also transform with it. This is a gift we receive by showing up inspired by unconditional love. 

Voice Awakenings shows you practical ways on how to discern, identify, release, and transform into more freedom by using your listening and voicing powers. 


This 5 week program is here to give you the tools to become very practical, and awaken yourself to take your own life and power back!

We live in a playground that is full of opportunities and people to have amazing adventures with. We are here to create stories and heart-songs we want to be in.

Our misconception in thinking has put a veil over us. We believe that life, relationships, making money, and creating a great business or a career is hard.

We have to work hard and prove we are worthy. We are taught that joy is something that comes as a reward for our labour and our suffering.

This false belief prevents us to even pick up the invitation to play. We are afraid to show our vulnerability and create the relationships that enable us to co-create a world we want to be in.

The Voice Awakenings program opens your playfulness and your self confidence. It lifts the veils, it invites you to play and co-create. All while having a great time!


For those of us who have been trying to ‘JUST DO IT’ and have been on the burning end of that stick by complete overwhelm and burnout…. 

This course offers you practical wisdom to build a new and sustainable foundation to build on:

✔ Unconditional love for yourself and the world you live in

✔ A healthy loving balance where your inner masculine and feminine can work and play in unison

✔ Healing and empowering voice and breathing exercises that build up your vitality

✔ Spirit Hacks that will enable you to step out of brain-fog, tiredness. They create clarity and vitality in practices and meditations that will leave you refreshed, revitalized, and empowered


When there is a longing for expressing your authenticity and being in service with your gifts – you have stepped into the position of the leader.

There is something inside of that word ‘Leadership’ that makes many women shy away and pull back a little.

There are just too many examples of overpowering leadership. Old, outdated visions of what a leader is supposed to be and do.

The lack of love and compassion in leadership. This idea that leadership is a lonely place.

All this inner talking has nothing to do with you and what you are here for.

When you start to embrace the idea of leadership from a sensation of joy, a playful mindset of having the possibility to create the story of a life you want to be in, the meaning of the word leadership becomes something else completely.

This course includes the voice exercises that help you embody your inner leader.

✔ Your voice will be anchored in all your chakra’s.

✔ This will bring in the power of command. Honouring free will. Your divine will hold room and space for the free will and possibilities from others. It is in service for the highest good of all, but your commanding voice is available.

✔ Your voice will be heard, felt, and create a ripple effect of change.




This bonus came to me because I realized that once you have mastered the Leadership voice by having it anchored in all your chakra centers, you are also able to open your authentic sensuality and creative powers.

This bonus masterclass will show you how to make use of this gift. It can enhance and revive your lifeforce, and the loving relationship with yourself  and with your partner. You can bring it all to a deeper level of satisfaction and joyfulness.

My clients say

"I reached out to you because I felt I had lost my own voice. Everyone else seemed to know what was best for me, except me. I'm in charge again. I found MY voice and became aware of what gave me true pleasure"
Dance teacher
"Even in the private sphere a lot has been shifted, Elisabeth was completely able to lead me into the next level. Our process was skillfully and lovingly supervised at the highest level. I recommend it to any top level female leader."
Global high level leadership mentor & speaker

Voice Awakenings Program

Week 1


How to find it and awaken it.

Breathing – connecting and aligning with Source and your Spirit – awakening the chambers of your Heart

Week 2

Exploring the 5 elements of water, air, fire, earth and ether

True magic of embodied living alchemy through voice

✔ Bringing aliveness into your voice

✔ Sound direction (and direction of your life)

✔ Listening

✔ Grounding and empowering the voice

✔ Breathing and connecting

Week 3

Shadow Love

Address the judgement you have over your voice directly and get into a relationship – and love up and serenade your voice as if you where it’s mama.


Week 4

Awakening and balancing the masculine and the feminine

Taking away duality, bringing in playfulness, and creation in UNISON

Week 5

Accessing your Leadership Voice.

Grounding and souring your voice into the power of unconditional love.

Voice exercises and spirit hacks you have been practicing all along come together and pave the way for your authentic voice to emerge.


Self love, leadership, and sacred sexuality

Bonus Masterclass about sensuality and pleasure through your breath and voice

And so much more…

The live sessions will all be recorded so you are able to revisit them. 

Besides the live sessions there is a vault of wisdom inside this program that will be shared with you. 

Experiences of Voice Awakenings

"Through the powerful visualizations, practical tools and tools for daily affairs, meditations, and energy healings, Elisabeth lead me back to my inner world and strength. Into who I really am and towards what I want to create in the world"
" Elisabeth's coaching helped me to be really present, even in the pulpit of my fear I show up authentically, speak from my heart, and I really touch my audience. It has been a huge boost in my self-confidence. "
Awareness coach and Sales trainer

This program has already started you can sign up for the waiting list for the next round

This is a group program including live calls.

When you can not make it in person, you will be able to watch it back.

There is also a limited option to work with me privately, on your energy healing,  leadership or on your voice and stage presence.

If you want to make use of this possibility choose the Gold program. 


5 weeks of unique transforming knowledge and exercises. During these 5 weeks you will shift, transform what was stuck. You will access a playfulness and an inner certainty that will make you feel like the rockstar of your life.

When you have a business or when you work in a leadership position, you will show up with more vibrance, fun, and inner certainty.

People can’t help themselves but want to join in with whatever you do.  

Within your relationship boundaries are much easier to make – while at the same time your inner fire now has the power to liven up that flame between the two of you!