Elisabeth de Charon de Saint Germain

Voice Alchemy Songs created for you

Receive a Personal Song that Awakens your Heart and guides your Soul back Home

A Song, created for you,
or a loved one to:




Be You.

Be Powerful.

Video: The origin of my - light language - Voice Alchemist Songs, and an improvised song on the spot.

Example: a replenishing and nurturing light language Song for caretakers

I created this specific song for a strong and beautiful woman, 
who, realized later, represents so many women i have met.
 It is an example of the songs I create. 
Every song is individually aligned, with or without my instrumental accompaniment (piano,  lyre, singing bowl or other).  
Some songs are intended for larger groups or specific topics. 

When you listen to this song below it works best to listen with earphones. Find a quiet place to tune in to your own heart. Breath out slowly, let refreshing air flow in, close your eyes, and just let the music run through you. Give it space to do it’s work.

Intention of this specific song:

Sometimes we’re going through intensive periods of caretaking where we have to give all our attention to loved ones and people close by. There are so many things that come with this role,  it’s hard to stay positive. Caretaking, having to be the strong one, it can weight heavy on our hearts. 

So much in fact, that our bodies are trying to take over the burden. It’s when physical discomfort, especially in our joints and back, start to point out to us that it’s time to let some of the burden go.

I’ve created this light language song with the intention to help you go through the tension with courage – because there is nothing to fear. To re-open your heart for yourself, to express and feel your own emotions. To let the wisdom and answers of your soul enter your body once more.

My dear friend, I offer you my deepest respect and gratitude for all the work you have been doing for others. Please accept this song to nurture and replenish your own soul now.

love Elisabeth

Note to the listener: 

It’s good to know that the sound quality of this recording is not as high as the recordings that  I am able to create for the MP3 recordings you will receive when you book your own song. 

Let me help you sing your soul back home.
My improvisations are created to help you in your transition.
To heal, transform, and to spark love and joy.