Thank you SO much for purchasing my cd album
“Parlo d’amor con me”

What is this album about?


Besides the sharing the love for the beautiful songs and arias on this album, creating  this album for me was always about celebrating the fierceness, the beauty, the resilience, the majestic and de magical soft powers of the Feminine and Love itself.

In “Non So Piu Cosa Son, Cosa Faccio” young Cherubino shares his confusion and for all the emotions women stir inside his heart.

A woman’s capacity to love is almost endless. 

“Parlo d’amor con me’, his last words from the aria, is my Ode for the soft powers of women and for the rise of feminine presence, we so dearly need on this precious planet of ours. 

This album is dedicated to my late aunt Lottie Haaksma-Erb who’s heart was as wide as the sea she looked upon. 

With love, Elisabeth