Things you need to know about your hormones

Things you need to know about your hormones

Things you need to know about your hormones

Things you need to know about your hormones

I love to share an article, with you from the rich One of many™ library. It’s and article that might just save your sanity and/or your health! 🙂

The reason I want to share it with you is that the Voice Alchemist in me lives by the following grounding questions: “How do I resonate? What’s in harmony and what’s not? How can I create space for the version in me that sparks joy in my soul? A spark that is infectious and set’s of other sparks of joy in the world around me.’

Our relationship with our body is essential in creating the space for this joy resonating harmony. 

I’m heading towards becoming 48. 

I’m lucky in that I don’t share the same sadness of loss of youth, some women go through, heading towards reaching their 50th. Maybe it’s because my primary PowerType is the winter type figure of the Sorceress. I used to be the somewhat ‘odd one out’ child, who really enjoyed to be in the company of old aged storytellers. 

My overall sense of this new phase I’m heading towards, is that it feels very much like home. And with a rising power of the Queen Women Powertype (the archetype that brings forward the vision holding power and the ability to decide accordingly), my playful creativeness finally embraces the empowering force of healthy structures and boundaries.

The only thing that has been a returning force of frustration for me is dealing with an ever changing balance of hormones. I know it’s a frustration I share with so many women. And it starts way earlier than we expect.

Luckily I’ve been in the company of the most awesome women for quite some time! Women who are open and share their struggles in life, the solutions and answers they’ve found. 

I remember a particular conversation with a woman who told me about her 3 year long struggle with her GP, her psychotherapist, and several alternative healers – who all gave her the feeling something was quite wrong with her mental-, and probably her physical health as well. At some point she was even accused of ‘not wanting to heal’, of ‘having a lack motivation’ and it all came down to the message: “there is something wrong with you – and it might be you own fault”.
It was only after she figured it out herself, all her symptoms were menopause and perimenopause related, she was able to take the reins back, and bring her own life and business back on track.

Last year this conversation has entered my mind several times. 

My gratitude for her vulnerability in sharing her story with me, is immense. Because of her, I KNOW what my deep dark clouds are. My dark clouds, full of all imaginable uncomfortable feelings, of brain fogginess,  never stay longer than a period of 20 minutes before they pass. I recognize them as hormonal changes. When needed I can take action on it, but more often I just let it pass.

For me the discomfort has become a reminder to adjust my intake of food and drinks, a reminder that it’s time to adjust my work or sleep rhythm. It makes sense and it is something I can dance and play with.

It’s so helpful to be able to see what’s going on! We give meaning to our feelings. Before you know it, hormonal imbalances all get there own dramatic story that feeds on our mind’s anxiety.

To speak in the words of Trevor Noah; “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”. I do love my life and my business too much to create too many unhelpful stories.

So, if you happen to recognise anything I speak of; here are helpful tips to look into! 

The article “10 things you need to know about your hormones” is written as a guest blog by , an award-winning nutritionist, author, speaker and women’s health expert.

And if you suffer, believe me hormonal imbalances do can make you suffer (!), read her book “It’s Not You, It’s Your Hormones: The essential guide for women over 40 to fight fat, fatigue and hormone havoc” – or seek  out her counseling and hands on help

Take a sneak peek below before you head over:

10 things you need to know about your hormones

Source:  One of many


Are your hormones sending you on a physical and emotional roller coaster? You might not be aware how much these little chemical messengers actually rule your life.

Did you know that there are over 100 identified hormones in the body? And they aren’t just about your monthly cycle — they control your metabolism, weight, energy, mood, brain function, sleep and much more…

Hormones really do control how we look, feel, think and perform — and for something so important, we don’t know an awful lot about them.

So here are 10 of the most important things to know about your hormones;

1) Deprivation diets don’t work

Deprivation diets won’t work if your hormones are out of balance (and that’s for most women over 40!). That’s because this type of diet puts your body into stress mode — it literally thinks you are in a famine!

Once in stress mode, cortisol kicks in and tells your fat cells to hang on for dear life and shutting down your metabolism, so when you start eating normally again, guess what? Yep, even more weight goes on and here we go again…

TIP: Ditch diets for good and start nourishing your hormones instead so that they increase your metabolism and get you burning fat, not storing it.

2) Your stress hormones have priority over everything

When your body is in survival mode too often, high levels of cortisol will not only store fat (usually around your belly), but will suppress your immune system, cause digestive issues and crash your energy levels and sex drive.

TIP: Recognise your stressors (it might not be just the obvious ones) and prioritise daily stress management (deep breathing, yoga, mindfulness, music etc).

3) Peri-menopause can start at 35!

Some women sail through these years, but the majority will suffer with symptoms including fatigue, weight gain, mood swings, PMS, brain fog, poor sleep, low libido and hot flushes.

TIP: You are much more likely to sail through these years if you have a hormone friendly diet and lifestyle. Start now!

4) Sleep is non-negotiable

Getting less than six hours of sleep a night can seriously impact your energy, mood and waistline, as well as increase your risk of more serious health conditions as you get older.

TIP: Make sure you are prioritising a good night’s sleep — get to bed by 10.30, switch off your gadgets, keep the room pitch black and avoid caffeine/alcohol.

5) Don’t skimp on the fat

Many of your hormones are made from fat, so stay away from the skinny lattes! Eating healthy fats also helps you feel full and balance blood sugar, reducing insulin (your fat-storing hormone).

TIP: Choose avocados, nuts, seeds, olive oil, coconut oil, organic full fat dairy, grassfed meat and oily fish.

Read the rest of this article here:


Elisabeth de Charon de St Germain, Voice Alchemist. One of many women’s coach & founder of Vocal Presence

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