The world is filled with change makers!

The world is filled with change makers!

The world is filled with change makers!

We are living in a world full of the most wonderful change makers.

Last night my husband and I held a wake for our deceased friend, Albert’s old teacher and our spiritual mentor who passed away three days ago. 

The contrast between the quiet of that night and the magnitude of the students march that happened on the same time in another part of the world couldn’t have been bigger.

And yet, the song in their hearts, it’s so clear and powerful. Change will come. And decisions are going to be made, – in favor of love, light and life.

That is what reflected the motion of my heart when I sat in the presence of our friend.

Instead of mourning our loss we felt this certainty that there is work to do, and that – however our individual make-up of character, constitution and talents might be – all of us have inside of us the gifts of what it takes to make that happen.

One of the messages I got from our friend time after time was: you don’t have to find what you ‘have to do’. Study your source, and life will show you what is there for you to do. And don’t ask if you are able to do it ‘right’ – you will find out soon enough – just keep on studying and practicing connection with your source.

The children and students in this march, none of them asked to be in this situation. To be given this task. But they are in it. And they accept it is their responsibility to stay on it – until change has been made.

I feel so much gratitude towards them all. This is how change is made. And they are willing to do what it takes.

Another thing that struck me is how quickly we are becoming aware of our soft power. Not even 4 years ago my daughter gave a speech for her finals about the one-sighted, and dis empowered way women, in movies, media and adverts, where being portrayed and the lack of role-models for girls and young women.

The events of this and last year has done so much to raise the awareness, with new and unexpected role-models who felt the courage to step forwards. I’m happy to be able to share one of them with you.

For anybody who knows about my work with the Women PowerTypes the recognition with the characteristics and strengths of  Warrioress and the Queen will not have been missed! 

All around us there is evidence we need a new kind of power to be the leaders the world needs us to be. And not only to change legislation, but it’s in corporate, schools, and in the sanctuary of our own homes and lives that we need it the most. 

So we are able to become the role models they are searching for, that we can do the work that these young people now feel is their responsibility. 

Let them be children a bit longer and save their courage for the time they are developed enough to have an abundance of this amazing strength to share and not be depleted from what they need for themselves first.   

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