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Embody the energy of the five Women Power Types - the archetypes that represent your authentic personal power - and become an impactful leader, speaker and influencer without burning yourself down.

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What’s your honest feeling - scrolling through your social media feed, seeing your successful peers or role models quoting and picturing to you; “You’re supposed to have it all! - You can do it all!” 

Do you let out a sigh of satisfaction? “Yes, bring it on!”. 

Or do you make the sceptic inward “Yeh, right…” shrug?  

It depends right!? 

Sometimes we are totally into it, ready to wave the flag on the barricades, and other times we’re just like “Please, just make me a hot cocoa, kiss me on my forehead and tell me it’s all going to be okay.”  

We’re all pretty powerful! And we have the track record to prove it. Yet, when we imagine women who own their power, have impact, lead movements, and create change, we almost never point to ourselves. Why’s that? 

We’re raised, and still live, in a masculine, fear driven, paradigm. We’ve been taking advise from powerfigures that are rock-solid, unshakable, ready to fight, defend, work-work-work, and soar the sky with endless supplies of energy. A single minded, focused energy, a strong voice, able to cut through any noise standing in the way of getting the message through.  

That’s a bloody straight lined version of power am I right? Even though we’re all aware it’s nonsense that we should be doing that all the time, unconsiously we still buy into it. 

Deep inside us there’s a fear and a false believe that we can only get where we want to be by the use of this kind of power.

More even, we’ve crammed in also the task to the best mum ever, having the leanest body of the yoga class, have spontaneous gloriously hot love lives, while being in a 24/7 state of universal mindful bliss.  

The driver of this hardened overenergetic Super Woman archetype is fear. 

It’s a deep-rooted misunderstanding that who we are is not good enough for the world we live in. We’re convinced that our multi-facetted feelings, that all of our highly sensitive, magical deep thinking, and caring parts that make the whole of who we are, stand in the way of achieving our dreams and goals. 

That, in the end, were just not able to reach the dream of being authentic and being successful at the same time, without having to burnout and feel overwhelmed all the time. Did you know that the etymology of Power “Being Able” is? So, not feeling able to authenticaly make your dream a reality, makes you mistrust the word Power don't you think?  

If you are a bit like me, or like other female changemakers, you have heard an inner call to rise. 

Rising, standing in your full being, full light is not so much a wish. It’s a knowing, a vision calling you from the future waiting to be answered. 

We are able to rise and answer it on our own terms. Hundred percent. But we don’t get to love via fear.  

So we do need to let our inner Super Woman know that she is not the one who has to be in charge all the time. In a way she has kept us safe and productive, but she is an exhausting archetype with a huge cost for our health and happiness. 

She is helpful for 15 minutes, but is not able to carry us into the life we want to build for ourselves and the world we want to live in.

Now let me introduce you to another answer than fear. 

What's another answer than reacting from fear. 

My suggestion is creating a loving relation with the softer aspects of the powers you have inside yourself in abundance. These Soft Powers are far from weak. 

We are talking about powers here, powers you can replenish on a daily base because they are in your DNA, your thought patterns, your feelings, and the way you communicate with source.  

Embodying your Soft Powers helps you trust yourself and what you're capable off when you align their forces. It is a great way out of overwhelm, perfectionism, and Impostor Syndrome. 

This meditation, this course, introduces you to five aspects of your authentic power. All of those aspects, shown in archetypical female figures, have their own power. Their own way of inspiring and influencing.  

I've created this meditation, and the 6 day course for you, so you can get to know the qualities and power of each of the five soul’s voices. Voices that resonate deep inside yourself. That make up the energy of your own power. You have all that you need inside of you already.  

If you feel the call to stand in your light, to rise, it is time to stop hiding parts of yourself.  

To let yourself be heard, to own your power, to embrace the full love of your soul. It is time to get to know all your aspects and uncover them.  

Let your soul’s voice sing her song


You're in luck! I want to give you the opportunity to get to know, feel, and embody the five different archetypes of your power, so you can make a start right away to uncover and implement them in your life at a very reasonable prize.

Value: € 179,- 

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Experience the Soul's Voice Meditation of the Women's Power Types™. 

Simply put the music on your ear and let yourself be taken on an adventurous journey into your own soul. (Immediate access, after signing up)  

Time: 12 minutes

The Why

Lesson 1

Thrive in your life and business

Being able to decide from a place of love, enables you to create balance and aligned confidence......etc (Find out on Lesson 1, immediate access, after signing up) )  

Care for your self

Lesson 2

The Soul Voice of the Lover 

Learn how the Lover is the catalyst of your creative lifeforce.......etc (Find out on lesson 2)  

Encouraging power

Lesson 3

The Soul Voice of the Mother  

Find out how her voice leads through love & encouragement......etc (Find out on lesson 3)  

Visionary inspiration 

Lesson 4

The Soul Voice of the Queen

Meet the power inside yourself that is happy to be in charge and doesn't 'do' guild.....etc (Find out on lesson 4)  

Communicating from source

Lesson 5  

The Soul Voice of the Sorceress

She gives to the Queen the True Vision....etc (Find out in lesson 5)  

Courageous voice for justice

Lesson 6 

The Soul Voice of the Warrioress

Learn how the Warrioress leads by example,....etc (Find out lesson 6) 


I want to give you the opportunity to get to know, feel, and embody the five different archetypes of your power, so you can make a start right away to uncover and implement them in your life.

Value: € 179,- 

Your price: € 99,-