Showing your true face

Showing your true face

Showing your true face

This is a truly transformational year we’re all going through, so many of the women I know, including myself, are asked to step up and enrich the existing paradigm with their much needed insights.

This is a time to show ourselves and get vulnerable, open and honest about who we are and what it is we add to what’s already out there. For so long I have been struggling to find the words myself.

While I was helping my clients finding their own voice, vision, and unique life and business rhythm and pace that matched how they wanted to BE in the world, behind the curtain I was finding my own way.

And all this work has paid of. It resulted in a signature program I will be offering very soon that is so rich with the best support, answers and transformational tools, it will make its wonderful way to the women who will need this the most.

The moment I found my core message, all the fear of being seen evaporated. I was ready to be seen in all my power, my quirkiness and my femininity.

And then I met Wendy van Hardeveld. A brand photographer for business owners.

Yesterday we had our shoot at a location that is so right fitting for me, and is quite frankly the place I envisioned for over a year but never could find. We were supposed to be somewhere else, also lovely but not so exactly right as this! Due to yesterday’s bad weather we had to find a place where we would not be soaked and blown away by the storm. And universe had our back, and how! So much better than we could have cooked up ourselves.

Anyhow, last night I came back and dear Wendy already had created this short teaser video. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!

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