Set 2022 up to Be and Share more of the Gift of You

Set 2022 up to Be and Share more of the Gift of You

Set 2022 up to Be and Share more of the Gift of You

Yes! A new year is there.

We have arrived at this wonderful moment of stepping into this new year where we can choose to become even more of ourselves.
To show up into the world, in our relations, and our work, honoring who we are and don’t have to hide or feel shameful for being what we are and who we are, and really shine!
The more we generously share and radiate who we are, the more we make it comfortable for other people to shine and feel seen for they are.

Take of the pressure.  Breathe and Relax.

Whatever push or pressure it is you might feel – there is no such thing as that this coming year needs to solve everything. That “it needs to be the Best Year of your Life!!!” (Three too many exclamation marks are intended 😊)

Why would you want that ?!?

Each year, every moment, every minute has the potential to be filled with love, wonder, and miracles. 

Trust me on this. Here I do freakishly well know what I’m talking about.  

January 2021 I sat myself down for 12 days in a Color Ritual, to set up the year ahead for myself (this year I will do it again, more about that later). Mostly I chose to become more of me. To step into the authenticity of my expression and see how this life I have been given works out if I say ‘Yes’ to what actually sparks joy to me.

Turned out that this past year was one of the hardest years I’ve ever faced. It was also one of the greatest so far. Those two nuances where equally valuable to me.

In May my own mum, out loud, wrote to me that she rejected me out of her life. She ignored my children, their lives, their stories, and everything else I shared with her about the challenges that were going on in my marriage. I had chosen to approach her as I am, to not to play this lifelong game anymore, where I would shrink my light so she would allow me to be her daughter. She decided to close the door for her motherhood to me.  

It was a lot to swallow.

The other side of that coin was that I took back my own life, my own narrative.

I stepped into my Ancestral River – claiming all this power that was available to me as a member of this River. I got that I, and everyone always is in their own Ancestral River, always am deserving to this wisdom and empowering grounding guiding force. I only had to ask, and it was given to me. Without any lower vibrational conditions or restrictions. Because the deepest wish and longing of the elders from a spiritual standpoint is always to empower the development of your own authenticity, of your soul. (If you want me to teach you how to do this – I’m here for you).

It made me realize that the openness and the unconditional nature of the love of my own heart towards myself and my mother was more healing than anything she was able to offer me at this point. My healing and growth did not depend on someone else’s ability to offer it to me.

All it needed was my decision to love my own life and everything in it.

Everything changed towards the real expression of who I truly was and wanted to be.

It changed the shape of my marriage and my relationship. What once was a marriage of romance turned into a friendship where each could become more of their authentic selves, without having to reject the other or having to stop loving and being there for each other in more fitting ways.

My deeply passionate nature that longed for fulfilling romance, adventures, expression, traveling, mixed with spiritual growth, found this beautiful other soul to experience all that and journey with.

Work and business changed drastically – for a while I lost all sense of purpose.

My whole identity was ripped from me, and I saw nothing in front of me.

It vaguely remembered me of being depressed. But it was something completely different! A nothingness like nothing before. I had heard and read about it from other people who had gone through it.

It was cathartic. Purging, chaotic and liberating. All belief systems out of the door. Time to turn into my own soul.

My shamanic spiritual powers and wisdom I had suppressed before rushed back in and I was now willing to welcome, play and engage with them.

So, here I am. A changed girl, woman, mama, singer, coach, psychic, healer, and as always, a goofball.

Basically, I’m much more ‘me’. But in a way simpler. Happier. More fulfilled.

The idea that Everything Needs To Happen NOW sounds very funny at this point.

As I said, this year I absolutely will participate again with Marcia O Reagan’s 12 Day Colour Ritual again. Maybe we will see each other there. And otherwise on another occasion.

For now I wish you a wonderful, love and prosperity filled 2022.

We don’t know what this new year will bring – I am choosing to set it up in a way so I can create a high frequency of love, joy, compassion, expression, pleasure, prosperity, connection, and wisdom. I am welcoming the unknown of 2022 with a deep trust and gratitude for everything it will allow us to receive.  

Sending you my love and my gratitude for being together on this incredible journey that we’re all in, at this time on earth, and in our lives,


About Elisabeth de Charon de Saint Germain

Elisabeth is a Spiritual Shamanic Voice Coach for Heart centered, aligned leaders, who want to lead from their authentic expression.
Holistically and classically trained as a singer & pedagogue, a certified women’s and feminine leadership coach & energetic healer, Elisabeth connects her audience with the Spiritual Power of Voice and authentic aligned leadership.

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