Elisabeth de Charon de Saint Germain

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Yes, we can be soulful, highly sensitive, intuitive, creative, spiritual, smart, funny, and talented women who lead with soft powers....

...and at the same time be ambitious, big thinking, outspoken, purpose driven, action taking, entrepreneurial minded,... and be happily successful!

But it asks of us to become clear of what we want and need, align ourselves, get in the lead and come from our own authentic feminine power.

Otherwise the paradigm looks grim.


Become very clear of you want and need. Align yourself with your True North. Get in the lead and speak from our own authentic feminine power.

Otherwise overwhelm is your daily companion…   

Our heart wants to heal, protect, grow, expand, it longs for beauty and harmony. We’re willing do the work, and make it a success. We stand up for what we believe in. It’s in our DNA to want to do good, create good. We crave authentic messaging. We long to speak our truth.

We need to be surrounded by people who understand that one minute we are fierce creatures – inspiring our audience from our stage of choice – and a day later we need to be in bed, alone, with the curtains closed and a hot tea at our night table.

Deep inside we know we’re able to spread abundance, spark revolutions and change the way people look at the world.

At the same time we are being pulled at our feet and are constantly reminded that we need to be grounded, and build a solid foundation to make those dreams come true.

But we have not learned to do it in a way that is authentic to us!

We use outdated methods that are typically masculine, filled with adrenaline, driven power, to build foundations and structures that are supposedly ‘help’ us to be seen as valuable, strong leading individuals, – society can build it’s faith upon. There is no respect for your cyclical nature and the fact that being powerful starts with replenishing your energy. 

At the same time we hear in the spiritual community to put all of our faith in the Universe and visualize ourselves happy and successful. But how is that of any help when you don’t know what authentic action taking kind of power to put behind this faith and those visualizations?

So we work and strive. To be better. Smarter. More powerful. We adept our personality to try to make it all work.

To often we have been on the verge of exhaustion. Our health is at risk, as are our relationships.

We feel tornend in the choices we think we need to make:

Yes, you can have it all; the career, the family, the travels, the business BUT you see yourself heading towards burned out inevitably;  OR you choose one or the other – and become deeply unfulfilled. 

When you resonate from your authentic being, your able to voice your soul, speak your truth, and make things happen!

It can change lives, start a love revolution, create beautiful businesses.

And it starts inside your own life first.

Seeing the sparks of your loving manifesting force, reflected in the world, YOU will feel it inside yourself, in the divine inner feeling of peace and belonging into your own life.

I’m Elisabeth de Charon de Saint Germain.

As long as I remember I’ve been a highly sensitive, dreaming, truth seeking, and action taking intuitive change maker. I’m a revolutionary by heart.

My voice is my wand that communicates between the realms of earth and heaven.

As a child I wanted to become a knight. So I became an entrepreneur. A mentor and a coach. An expert about voice, presence, spirituality and female leadership. A healer. And the mother of two wonderful children. Asked what ‘are’ you: I’m a Singer who aligns people with their soul.

I have build three succesfull businesses from scratch.

My first business was a holistic wellness center where our clients came for music, singing, voice therapy, massages and organic skin therapy. The second business – and this is still in our possession, is an organic farm with an organic store and markets. The third business is Vocal Presence.

After years of guiding people to sing, voice and present themselves, women started asking me to coach them on all area’s of life. But mostly upon a spiritual alignment in speaking their truth, and taking leadership. This brought me to become an internationally certified One of many women’s coach.

We’re based in Frederiksoord, a lovely little green country town in the Netherlands that is full of history and wonderful people.

I work online and offline, with Dutch, and international clients from Europe, the Middle East and the UK. My coaching materials are written in English. In 1:1 coaching we can speak Dutch, German or English.

We live in a time that asks of us to show up and be present in our life.

We have to be present our business and in our career if we want to make things happen. Our staff, partners, co-workers, are counting on us to lead the way as we want to see it.

Even when we are not feeling well, when we work through emotions, when our relatives need care, or when our children go through important changes, we still can not let everything fall and let it all burn behind us.

So, we try to adapt.

If you are like me you’ve learned to arm yourself to the teeth, manned yourself up and battled through life. Training your mind muscles to be smart and keep up with the demands of life and work. Only to discover it’s too exhausting and heartbreaking to keep on going putting yourself, and your loved ones, under this kind of stress.

Or, you may have decided; this is not for me. “I have all these dreams inside of me. But I don’t know how I would bring them to live in this world as it is now.”

I know! I too have pushed so many of the things I really, really loved aside, trying to make my dreams and soul purpose smaller than they where. Marginalizing the call I heard inside. It made me unhappy. And it did something else as well: it took away my magic abilities we all posses, to manifest our dreams with the least amount of effort and with flow!

When I learned about the Soft Power Principles, the Women Powertypes and embraced the gift, the wisdom and power of my feminin spirit, soul, and body, that all shifted.

It’s time to decide to thrive in all areas of your life.

Align your soul, your body and your mind in a way that allows you to be resilient, joyful, energetic, fruitful, balanced, decisive and connected to all that really matters to you. 

Your ideas, voice and gifts are needed.

I created “Resonate!” for women who hear the inner calling to rise up.

For women who feel a spiritual and inner call to align  themselves with the voice of their soul.

“Resonate!” is for you when you’re fed up with being tired, feeling chaotic, unsure of yourself, indecisive, and wonder how you actually DO want your life and business to look like. It is for you when you’re done with picking up the pieces around you, that are not yours to pick up anymore.

It’s for you when you want to get out from behind the curtains.  When you want to share your gift and message with the world (being in business – leading teams – work in charity – or write a book.) in a way that gives you joy.

“Resonate” is not only about learning how to share your voice and be seen! It shows you how to do it in a balanced, joyful and fulfilled way – so you’re no longer hide from your calling – because you’re afraid it will be to exhausting and overwhelming.

One of the biggest obstacles of really using the power of our voice is that we do not make space and time for it. I know this. And it is for this reason that I have integrated it in doable and daily rituals. I believe in the power of rhythm and I know that little, but important snippets of focus can build a revolution.

And finally “Resonate”it’s for you if you know perfectly well what it is you want to do. For when you are in need of help to make your voice more clear, stronger, healthier and make your presence noticed. To bring your leadership-quality’s even more in alignment with all areas of life.

“Resonate” will help you to become even more authentic, so you’re able to increase the impact of your message to a whole new level.

"The most beautiful thing is that all of the change came in a natural way. This is because the transformation levels with the deep source of wisdom and wellness that is inside all of us."


We do need a new kind of power.

A power the world needs us to be, so we can be role models for the change we want to see in the world.

A power in collaboration, not competition. Co-operation, not coercion. Replenishment, not depletion.

Meet and embody the empowering force of your 5 Women's Power Types™ in your voice, life, work and business

~Clear the blocks that prevent you from growing

~Find the vision, voice and story that makes you unique and stand out