Elisabeth de Charon de Saint Germain

RESONATE! work with me

We know what it means to be a highly creative, ambitious, sensitive purpose driven entrepreneurial woman with a big message and a big heart

We’re wired in a way that resists strategy. Are most happy in creative, -behind the scenes -, settings (unless we’re on fire, sharing our passion). Our heart wants to heal, protect, grow, expand, and longs for beauty and harmony. We’re willing do the work, and make it a success. We stand up for what we believe in. It’s in our DNA to want to do good, create good. We crave authentic messaging. We long to speak our truth.

We need to be surrounded by people who understand that one minute we are fierce creatures – inspiring our audience from our stage of choice – and a day later we need to be in bed, alone, with the curtains closed and a hot tea at our night table.

Deep inside we know we’re able to spread fairy dust, spark revolutions and change the way people look at the world – But at the same time we’re being pulled at our feet and need to be grounded. We absolutely need to show up and be present in our daily life. Our families, children, partners, clients and co-workers are counting on us.

I’m Elisabeth de Charon de Saint Germain.

As long as I remember I’ve been¬†a highly sensitive, dreaming, truth seeking, and action taking intuitive change maker. I’m a revolutionary by heart. My voice is my wand that communicates between the realms of earth and heaven. As a child I wanted to become a knight. So I became an entrepreneur. A mentor and a coach. An expert about voice, presence and female leadership, and a healer. And the mother of two wonderful children. Asked what ‘are’ you: I’m a Singer.

We’re based in Frederiksoord, a¬† lovely little green country town in the Netherlands, from where I’m working with Dutch, English, and German speaking clients in Europe, the Middle East and the UK.

As I said, we need to show up and be present in our life. In our business. Our staff, partners and co-workers are counting on us to lead the way as we want to see it.

So, we try to adapt.

If you are like me you’ve learned to arm yourself to the teeth, manned yourself up and battled through life. Training your mind muscles to be smart and keep up with the demands of life and work. Only to discover¬†it’s too exhausting and heartbreaking to keep on going putting yourself, and your loved ones, under this kind of stress.

Or, you may have decided; this is not for me. “I have all these dreams inside of me. But I don’t know how I would bring them to live in this world as it is now.” I know! I also, have pushed so many of the things I really, really loved aside, trying to make my dreams and soul purpose smaller than they where. Marginalizing the call I heard inside.¬†

As a singer with a deep knowledge in Uncovering the Voice I knew that healthy, sustainable power and fulfillment comes through opening up your soft powers.

Once I became a One of many women’s coach I saw the connection between feminine power and creating flow and leadership in your life beyond the power of our voice.

Your voice is instrumental in birthing the authentic you.

Your feminine power is key in leading from the authentic you.

The two together will guide you to stand in your own powers, in a way that allows you to balance your energy, receive clarity and create the vision that makes it possible to do all the things your soul cries out it wants you to do – without having to give up being a caring mum, wife, awesome boss, or team leader.

That’s when you can become visible,¬†recognized and successful with your mission. without having to become inauthentic, overwhelmed and isolated.

With the proven methods from One of many, the powerful and practical tools, my expertise in voice, business and healing, I’ve created the coaching and mentoring program “Resonate!”.

It’s created for you to align your soul, your body and your mind in a way that allows you to be resilient, joyful, energetic, fruitful, balanced, decisive and connected to all that really matters to you.¬†

“Resonate!” is for you if you’ve heard this inner calling to rise up. Use your voice. It’s for you when you’re done with picking up the pieces around you, that are not yours to pick up anymore.

“Resonate!” is your program when you’re done with being tired, feeling chaotic, and indecisive, wondering how you actually DO want your life and business to look like.

It’s for you when you want to get out from behind the curtains, and start sharing your gift to the world (being in business – leading teams – work in charity – or write a book.). But it’s more than alone sharing. You want to learn what it takes to do it in a balanced, joyful and fulfilled way – so you’re no longer hide from your calling because you’re afraid it will be to exhausting and overwhelming.

And it’s for you if you know perfectly well what it is you want to do. But are in need of help to make your voice more clear, your presence noticed, and your leadership even more authentic so you’re able to increase the impact of your message to the next level.

We need your voice. Your ideas. Your gifts to the world.

So, what’s so the missing Key?

Making space to lead from authentic feminine¬†power…

We have a well of incredible power inside of us. It’s been disregarded in history, even in today’s paradigm, in so many ways that we have to reconnect with it on a whole new level.

When we make space there is a power that has always been available.

It’s a power that leads with love, it’s playful, her vision has a majestic clarity, her wisdom creative manifesting power, and there is an unwavering resilience¬† to be found that can fight for the things she really believes in. And this is inside of you, inside of me, and inside universal feminine energy.

Even before I became a One of Many ‚ĄĘ women’s coach I knew this power very well. I’ve used it in singing and in teaching people how to uncover their voice and presence.


There’s an inner call to create positive change, leave your legacy… and thrive.¬†

We’re all feeling the call to step into the fullest expression of ourselves, to lead from our heart and create change in order to be able to live in a world that welcomes who we are. That welcomes our children, our loved ones, and cherishes, protects and grows what we hold dear¬†. We want to welcome life, cultural diversity, a healthy planet, safety, equal opportunities, well-being and abundance for all.

And that means taking up positions of authority so we can create and instigate¬†much needed change. Women who are running small businesses, leading teams in large organisations, and women who are being role models ¬†for their children or anyone else…

All women are role models.



  The draining experience of having to do it all yourself.

 Missing out on the juicy and magical parts of life.

 The sleepless nights of wondering how everything will fit together.

 The loneliness you experienced the minute you stepped up in a position of leadership before.

 The feeling of not being able to meet the expectations from everyone and having to let others down.

  Having lots of enthusiastic driven energy that makes it easy to get things done for others, but caring in the same way for your own projects turns out to be a lot harder.

 Having so many ideas, seeing so many opportunities but not seeing a big vision to lead from.

¬†Your energy is scattered and can’t find a way to align your vision with life’s circumstances.

¬†Even when everyone involved gives you their full confidence, there’s still a part of you that thinks you’re a fraud.

"I finally finished a manuscript for a book and sent it to a publisher ‚Äď this is what I wanted to do for years, but somehow never managed to do."

It‚Äôs time to say goodbye to overwhelm or the experience of loneliness that has been falsely sold to us ‚Äėcomes with the territory‚Äô.

Align your body, mind and soul: start to Resonate - how you truly want to be in the world

"The most beautiful thing is that all of the change came in a natural way. This is because the transformation levels with the deep source of wisdom and wellness that is inside all of us."

It’s time you start to thrive in your business, life and work, and change the world while you do.

Whatever reasons inspire you to change your own life, bring fresh flow into your business, career, and personal life, and create impact into the society you live in; my 'Resonate!' programs are designed to guide you, empower you and create that sustainable shift you are looking for.

We do need a new kind of power.

A power the world needs us to be, so we can be role models for the change we want to see in the world.

A power in collaboration, not competition. Co-operation, not coercion. Replenishment, not depletion.

What I’m offering you is a program that has the potential to transform, sometimes even transcend, your life, career and business to the next level.

It’s a pathway, rooted in proven methods and intuitive wisdom, to embrace your authentic feminine power. You’ll be able to create a life wherein happiness is your ‘new normal’. You will be empowered, and have the¬† courage and skills to lead with your true voice and presence.

You resonating your authentic being, will make it able to start a love revolution.

And even if that might take some time, seeing the sparks of your loving manifesting force, reflected in the world, YOU will feel it inside yourself, in the divine inner feeling of peace and belonging into your own life.