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What do you long your voice to be?

What aspirations do you have for your voice? For yourself, and for who you want to be? In service for the change you want to see ?

Your voice is who you are. We long to be heard, seen, and freely express what we are about

There is the healing and creative voice in you that will move you through any stagnant energy

It is your voice that will create the impact you’re longing for by speaking your truth in all the important areas of your life, in your career, and on stage

And then… there is this even deeper layer, a forgotten wisdom that I’m here to help you remember, that is the Creator part in you that is able to help you manifest the world you want to be in.


As a Spiritual Shamanic Voice coach I’m here to remember, find and help you master the spiritual power of your voice in all those four area’s.

This is what will connect you to your authentic expression and help you to be an aligned leader who is able to create change – with a deep sense of joy, fun, harmony, liberation and empowerment.

I’m here for you when you feel and know it’s time to step into the power and joy of your voice. 

This is how we can work together

Spiritual Shamanic Remembering Sessions

As a singer and a spiritual shamanic voice coach I work mostly with women who have decided to lead authentically, with aligned spiritual wisdom. When I work with you in a session there are many topics that we can work on. The most prominent questions around voice and authentic leadership that we work on are: 🤭 What are you’re struggling with? 🔥 What makes you intensely happy about your voice and want more of? 💚 What are you’re open and more secret/hidden aspirations with voice?Is there an artist that wants to come out, a singing or speaking part that not has been able to show itself, or is there a speaker who is not yet fully open to open itself to it’s Muse or genius? 🎺 How are you able to hold your ground with your voice? 🔔 Do you feel your voice has enough impact in your world and if not, in what way and where would you long to emphasize it more? Since you are a complete unique person the end goals are what your Soul wants to work on and is ready to come trough.  In a way I am a tuning fork who is vibrating like a conscious channel towards your spiritual evolution, healing and growth. Helping you to remember what your soul already knows. Using deeply grounded and safe Shamanic energetic hacks, Theta healing, Voice knowledge and skilled coaching tools – some of those that I have been working with for over 20 years.  

The investment for a single individual session is € 333,- 

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Or chose for a package

It is also possible to book a package of four sessions.

This allows you to go in even deeper over a longer period of time, move more stagnant patterns out of the way, and develop a solid bond with your spiritual voice power and aligned leadership. 

It also saves you an nice € 110! You can book your package bellow.

Custom made Spiritual , Shamanic Voice Journey’s  

In case you want to me to create an individual journey for you, for you as a couple, or for you as a group (think of:  in person retreats on location, online retreats, working/journeying with me for 6- or 9 month etc) contact me by scheduling your free call here

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” Even in the pulpit of my fear I can be ME, connected from my heart with my audience”
“I am someone for whom anxiety hits hard on stage. What I have experienced through Elisabeth’s coaching is coming into real presence. Because I know now how to be really present, even in the pulpit of my fear I can be ME. I show up authentically, speak from my heart, and I really touch my audience. It has been a huge boost in my self-confidence. “

Cindy, Awareness coach and sales trainer

“It is an ongoing process, but I now have the foundation to integrate who I really am and want to create in the world”

“When I met Elisabeth, I was in a burnout, without realizing it. After years of hard work, the birth of three children and following an education, it had become impossible because of physical complaints to push through anymore.

Just when I was about to complete my education and putting my work out in the world. For a year I could not live without the handbrake on. Using my energy sparingly, monitoring my physical condition. I am a very energetic person by nature, so my reduced energy was just enough to keep my family and work going on. But it felt very hard and I had little to no confidence it would work out every day.

Through the powerful visualizations of the Women’s Powertypes, practical tools and tools for daily affairs, meditations and energy healings, Elisabeth lead me back to my inner world and strength. Into who I really am and what I want to create in the world

At first, I had some aversion to working with the Women’s Powertypes. The moment however when I could feel their energy in my body, through music and movement, I could embrace them and integrate more into my daily life.

The process to integrate and grow my own voice and soft powers will always continue. But there is now a foundation to fall back on. Thank you, Elisabeth, for walking in my life for a while and in your special way bringing me back to the light, where it was very difficult and dark for a while.”

Erica Broekhoven, Homeopath