Our voice as a mirror…

Our voice as a mirror…

Our voice as a mirror…

Our voice as a mirror…

It was an awakening experience!

After bringing my son to the right train station in Paris, I headed of to my own station, as I had to continu to travel to a singing week in the south of Germany with my own mentor.

To tell you that getting on the right train ‘didn’t went smoothly’ is a euphemism…  

And then – out of nowhere – I felt ‘IT’!!

A pain in my throat, that’s nowadays never there.

It used to be there, and I still can hear it in women’s voices everywhere! It’s that husk sound that prevents you to be fully heard. That little rasp that makes you want to clear your throat all the times. And it is the number one complaint women tell me about!

My dear, powerful, amazing women – let me be clear: if you feel this:

  • it IS a sign you’re in stress. 
  • it IS a sign you’re running on adrenaline. 
  • it IS a sign that you’re voice is begging you to listen to it. To find a healthy pace in life.

Free your voice with exercises that surpasses the obvious ways of only the ‘technical’ stuff.

The awareness of that painful tension in my throat, right after that adrenaline fueled trip in Paris, was such an important reminder of what’s going on.

When I was in my teens, twenties and a part of my thirties I remember always having a little bit of a husk sound in my singing and speaking voice.

And YES, I had amazing singing teachers, voice coaches and I am a hell of a voice expert myself. BUT, the deep husk had to do about ME.

My own stressed state wherein I wanted to be everything for everyone – and in the highest gear.

This was all happening at the same time:
I was a mum of two little children, I had my own holistic culture and wellnesscentre, I studied singing/marketing/holistic therapy, I taught mostly 4 singing groups at the same time, I helped my father through his divorce and Parkinson’s illness, I built a life and relationship with my man who stood by me in all of it – but who also built his own business.

My voice changed ONLY to where it could sound really free and open when I recognised I was playing somebody I was not. I am no superhuman Superwoman. I am an awesome women, as are all of you! But I am me, a very human being, and sóóó not failure proof.

In order to be me I needed to let go of expectations of others, to explore and explain what it was that made ME tick to be happy.

I started to listen intently to my own soul and asked it: What is it that lights you up for real?

It is about making choices – and it is about getting real, being sane, and loving yourself and your life enough to give it what it really needs and accept that life is not a ‘I will do it all alone, so I will not be hurt anymore’ thing.

There’s vulnerability – that’s the part that still can make me incredibly uncomfortable – but the gain is Freedom, Love, Meaning, and real Connection.

I know this is not only my personal story – I hear your voices, I see the same struggles, and I am so honoured you are telling me your stories.

We overachievers use our adrenaline to help us get out of the situation we didn’t wanted to be in anymore – but now it’s time to come back to you.

Your soul is calling you to listen to it again- and your voice is an excellent mirror. 

You being Superwoman has served you big time.

But YOU are so much powerful in your own way -with your free sounding voice.


Well, that’s what I wanted you to know. 😘🙌

xx Elisabeth


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Elisabeth de Charon de St Germain, Voice Alchemist. One of many women’s coach & founder of Vocal Presence

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