There are so many wonderful examples of women in leadership, all over the world. But we don’t hear them as often as I would’ve like.

Women leaders who create the biggest positive change in the world are not always found in high risen political and economic position’s. It’s women grassroots leaders that are creating fundamental positive change all over the world.  A lot of those success stories are grounded in cooperation, in the strengths of replenishment, in renewing and making good use of healthy resources that are beneficial for all, and for the planet.

All over the world women are creating a better social economy, are swiftly climbing up in higher education, and looking at the rise of newly self-employed people since 2008, 80 percent of them are women. So, there are a lot of women who are answering the call for leadership.

There is sadly also another side to this. And it might be one of the reasons we don’t hear so much about those success stories. Because the current situation is not always as ‘sexy and successful’ when talking about health, economics and happiness.

The gender pay gap is higher than it’s been in 20 years. We’re so tired of holding everything in the air, we’re burning out. Fertility in women is declining, 40 percent of us are, at some time in our life, going to have cancer, and one in four of us are going to be diagnosed with depression, compared with one in ten men. According to six different studies of millions of people in the world, we’re less happy than 40 years ago. And this disturbing drop of happiness is regardless of our personal situations; married, single, with kids, without, how much money, how healthy we are, and what job we hold.

So how does a woman who wants to step up and make her highest contribution in the world step up to leadership and make a real impact?


When we look at how change is created you’ll discover that there are different forces that instigate change. One is a force that will give you the power to move yourself from a place that is no longer acceptable. Staying longer has become intolerable.  So, you must fight or flee to get you’re self out. It’s a strong force – and it’s triggering a lot of masculine energy, supported by our bodies with the hormone testosterone. When we are driven from this type of power, longer than 15 minutes, we’ve emptied our natural supply of testosterone, and this drive will now be supported by adrenaline and cortisol – which is laying the physical foundation for dozens of stress related illnesses.

The second force of change is the one that comes from having a strong and clear vision of the outcome you wish to see, feeling all the benefits as if it’s there already in your life, experiencing it with all your senses, and going towards this vision with others that have your back and believe in you. It’s the difference between goal chasing, working hard, battle like energy of getting there on your own, – or setting a clear intention and manifesting your vision into reality with the help of others in a series of inspired actions.

Both power types can be extremely effective, and let’s make this very clear; this is not in any way about good or bad – about one being morally higher than the other. This is about having a choice in effectiveness for the right time. It might be that the power that has got us to this place of vast opportunities is not the type of power that is sustainable to move towards a better-balanced, more joyful paradigm.

Not all heroic stories are perceived equal

In order to make it quite clear that both types of power – in Chinese tradition they would call it the Yin and Yang energy, provide the strength needed to be a leader, we need to recognize that in Western culture not all heroic stories are perceived equal.  As you will know, a lot of heroic stories fall into the category of masculine energy, and that gives a somewhat misguided impression about the other heroic stories that are out there.

We like our hero’s. The strong figures that conquer battles and defeat the oppressors. Strong individuals that against all odds create big businesses, and now can enjoy an extraordinary lifestyle. Competitors that win, the thinkers who came first with their scientific discoveries, and received all personal credit and praise for it. Hero’s we’re admiring for their individual strength, the ones that are on top of the world so to speak, and inspire us to become the best we can.

Thinking of those stories, do you see a woman’s face? Not as much as you might have thought, right.

But have there been no women heroes, or heroines? Of course, there have, but their stories have another tone to it. The individual style of the woman might be as flamboyant as any man, but still a lot of women don’t mind sharing the limelight with others that have contributed getting her there on the first place. A lot of times they were late-bloomers. First raising the children, getting their independence back after being married. Raising worldwide awareness by boldly stepping out of non-serving traditional systems and expectations. Taking one small change-making action at the time, while teaching and forming group activities with other women, until it becomes a movement and a force for change.

These are the stories of grassroot women leaders.

Women who are familiarly like you and me, with a song in their heart and a vision that carries and inspires their actions.

This year I will be sharing a lot of those stories with you on the Vocal Presence blog. And when you join my closed Facebook group Rise, Resonate & Thrive you will find suggestions of the wisdom find in these stories you too can implement in your own life, work and business.

Insights that I see in those stories, that might help you bring your own heroic story to life, so we have the privilege to see you Rise, Resonate & Thrive!

If you want to join, be a part of a safe group where you can let your guard down, share, inspire and get inspired, – while receiving updates about the Stories of Women Leaders series -, you are most welcome!  Just click here and you’re able to apply.


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