I will never be the one answer business guru. I will however spark your inner Love Revolution!​

I will never be the one answer business guru. I will however spark your inner Love Revolution!​

I will never be the one answer business guru.

I will however spark your inner Love Revolution!

I will never be the one answer business guru.

What I do however is connect you to your own power. So, you will know your own answers. That’s my gift.

Live is an ever-changing play field- and so are the “right answers” for your business, for finding your voice and the power of your feminine presence.

I do believe that the answers of what’s right for us have to come out of our own soul.

As a woman and a singer who can only thrive when I am able to express myself in freedom, I have learned to unapologetically stand for my own truth.

Sometimes with great difficulty.

Truth be told, I secretly hoped that following the rules, and stepping in the proven footsteps of someone else would do the trick.

Recognize any of that?! Authorities yelling at you: “Just do what I do – you can never lose!”

But it never worked for me. I was so confused. Somewhere in my upbringing I had gotten the message that being powerfully yourself was threatening for others. That it somehow took away the light of others.

Although I could be truly lovely, when I wasn’t allowed to speak my mind and couldn’t show the rawness of my conflicting emotions – but instead HAD to be NICE, be PRETTY and SMILE – I became a real mess.

Oh dear… I became a real pain in the ass. For myself and my surroundings.

I looked all fierce but suffered from anxiety and I had many dips in depressed periods. It was never so much that I labelled myself as such.

But my joyful nature had taken a hike. It only came to visit when I experienced music, sang, danced or made love. My creative Lover Powertype is still my souls gateway to my existence.

What tripped me over was not being allowed to process the full range of my thoughts, my beliefs and my emotions because they were harshly labelled good or bad. Yep, that’s the toxic side of only wanting to accept people when they are in harmony and beaming with positivity!

Hiding my truth was a big surviving skill. Really tuning into what I believed other wanted and needed from me. Navigating the water with caution. I gained ‘reading people’ skills like a top FBI agent.

I became able to manipulate the situation, adjust the message somewhat, so I could do what I needed to do, but staying away from conflict.

I know so many HSP have the same skills. Navigating it can be quite a challenge.

So, what took me out of that wormhole?

Okay, I’ll be straight with you. A lot of good therapy for my personal life, several coaches for when I tripped up because of this learned behavior in my business (still have coaches!) but most of all: it was love.

Wholesome love.

Love from other people, friends, family, lovers, the universe, nature and finally when I was loved-up enough – the love for myself.

Somewhere I knew that hating and doubting myself was just a very silly thing to do. There was enough proof to contradict the necessity of that behavior.

When I learned to sing in a way that respected my free will – I truly started to experience how I my soul spoke to my body and my mind.

A deep trust and confidence started to come in.

Later on, when I started to learn about the full and diverse powers of my feminine presence, again my body started to recognize how my soul related to my body, my spirit and my mind.

Everything I have experienced and learned so far has given me new tools to develop my own life and that of the people I work with.

Becoming my own best soulmate was a conscious decision.

I did it for myself. Because I found out I do love myself.

Waiting for someone else to save me? That ship had sailed. And it looked a bit sad too, so not fitting my own making.

Becoming my own best soulmate opened so many good pathways!

It turned out to be a revolution.

The simplest explanation is that when I enjoy myself, people around me really love it.They become energized by it. I become a better mom, mentor, coach, friend, leader and lover – not because I work harder – I just trust my own answers and respect the answers of others.

It’s called building relationships ❤️

What came after deciding to become my own best soulmate is that the speed of universe came standing behind me.

Things are speeding up with less effort and pain.

I know that whatever I deeply long for, is in my own best interest and in the interest of the highest and good of all – it is possible.

I’ve seen it happen so many times.

And I love how I sometimes get a taster: “now do you really?!” That keeps me from falling over the cliff sometimes without a net. I think I have asked for that part too. Yes, I am accepting your gifts… but please… I need time to adjust and figure out if this is what I reeeeaally want.

If you want to know more about the HOW, sign in for my Facebook group. This week I will be sharing fb lives with you where I will teach you about this all.

Just sign up here and we will see each.other there ❤️🙌


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