How do YOU cope with the stresses of the festive period?

How do YOU cope with the stresses of the festive period?

How do YOU cope with the stresses of the festive period?

Soooo, this is going to be a honest post with swearing words and all. If that’s not you’re cup of tea, skip this post and we’re fine. But if you’re ready for some honest raw conversation – keep on reading…

I have so many friends who love all the inner warmth of the midwinter festivities but are also afraid of losing their shit. Afraid that they will lose their temper with the ones that are oh so close, but also get on their nerves!

I get it, I have had so many heated discussion over the years during this period and I always felt highly stupid for not keeping my shit together. And I made many remarkable discoveries these last few years. Because I do love the warmth of family, close friends and songs – but I could not cope with being inauthentic anymore. Right before the light of our inner beings are being lit again in midwinter, there is the awareness that comes from outside, or inside (who really knows?), of the darkness that is part of our life as well.

What hit me the most last year was the insight that I have spent so much time denying the existence of the inner and outer pain in our life and world. And since I stopped resisting this part of life it suddenly stopped taking over my mood, – my daily experience of life so to say. Not having to put up a fight of the fact that life is being a bitch now and then, with relations going sour by unspoken pain, misunderstandings, and differentiations of insights. Letting things be as they are, not wanting to change, fix, what is there to look at – it’s giving me a peace of mind that I never thought was possible.

In my Resonate coaching I’ve been using and sharing a wonderful tool of One of many™ called “Trigger Tracking”. In short it’s a tool that asks you to keep score of when and how you are being triggered into a ‘bad habit’ (I know it sounds very childlike – but in a way that is exactly what it is: it’s reactionary behaviour that comes out of a hurt, angered, scared – read triggered – state. These are not the actions of our conscious and leading state).

This tool has been proven one of the most revealing experiences around  enabling yourself freeing up inner space and raising awareness. Especially when you let go of having to be a ‘good girl’, ‘perfect mom’, ‘awesome friend’, ‘the best this or that in life’. Because you will find the honesty of life and the your inner strive of being you and sharing your gifts . Loving yourself in the way you love your children, friends, and nature itself: their all wonderful, loving, wise, but none of them are perfect.

Everybody, and everything is growing, declining, changing and making their own unique metamorphosis into the next phase. We’re in a constant cyclical state. And in between life unveils itself.

This is why I so love my singing and voice practice I have been doing for the last 20 years or so. Everything I have learned and have been teaching in singing has lead me to the insight that we need a soft, intelligent, holistic approach towards making our body a vessel for music, and to the understanding that our voice is a gateway and connection to the physical and nonphysical part of us.

So I’ve connected the elements of the tools and insights of One of many™ and the exercises of Uncovering the Voice into rituals for the soul, women leaders and change makers. So we can start to Resonate who we are, what we want to be for the world instead of constantly being triggered into reaction of the things that are happening outside of us, and around us.

I am so thrilled to give you this invite: In two weeks you will have a chance to work directly with me on this whole subject. Together with improvisation pianist Robijn Tilanus I will guide you into a journey of how you can create a clear plan for next year that is inline with how you really want to resonate with the world. It’s a day in the lovely space of center de Roos- next to the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. The seats are limited. I invite you to look at the information page and book your ticket asap in order to have your place guaranteed.


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