Female Leadership Coaching


your vocal feminine presence

Living a life, creating a business or a movement that resonates with the beat of your heart; that is the soul calling of women who rise and want to be the change that they want to see in the world.

It asks of us women to uncover our authentic expression.

Your voice
Your feminine presence
Your authentic leadership

The reason I am working as a certified One of many™ women's coach

Being part of the first cohort of the One of many™ women’s coaches worldwide is one of the things in my life that has made me happy, proud, and deeply grateful.  

As a singer and voice alchemist, after having taught hundreds of people, I know and trust with every fiber in my body, that the voice you have is the most perfect instrument  for you. 

It carries your light and soul. It has been my mission to help uncover this authentic power. 

You know, if it wasn’t for the love of singing, I myself might still be running around, trying to be someone I am not.

I might still be trying to force myself to push beyond my boundaries, because I had no idea that trying to do the masculine power thing made me so unhappy, tired and ineffective. It used up all my creative and manifesting power. Getting ‘things done’ without the fulfillment is draining on your soul.

I know how it is, I’ve been there. But I knew deep down there was another way.  

Because of singing I knew that real power only shows itself when you let it resonate in its true form.

Studying in the UK, to become a licenced One of many™ women’s coach, taught me how to honour that truthful and authentic resonance when I coach women in the realm of female leadership.

And it works! 

I live in the Netherlands, but the attraction of the combination of being a Voice Alchemist and a One of many™ female leadership coach has brought me clients from all over the globe.

It doesn’t matter if you live in Amsterdam, Glasgow or Kuwait city; we women want to lead, be powerful and create change – but we need to do it from a place of authentic power. 

If we keep on pushing ourselves and ignore all the red flags, we keep on banging against the same doors on and on, while wasting the chance to spread our happiness, excellence,  and creative lifeforce to all that come in contact with us!

A client said, after working with me for 6 month: “You know Elisabeth, before we worked together I had the car and was driving at full speed – but with the brakes on.

Now it feels as if I’m driving in my Rolls, relaxed, certain, leaning back almost. But the results are so much bigger, and I actually enjoy the ride! 

Do you want to be able to choose from love and create a life and business that is aligned with the song of your heart?

Do you want to learn the ways that bring you the results but end the overwhelm?

Then let's talk and see if we can set-up a pathway that allows you to Resonate your light and shine as bright as you desire!