Elisabeth de Charon de Saint Germain

Becoming Your Own Soulmate

The Art of Becoming your Own Soulmate

The essential foundation for inspiring feminine leaders

The divine feminine is rising. She is calling you to step into your authentic Soul Purpose and claim your abundant life, your radiance and impactful leadership.

What’s your Soul Purpose you ask? You really don’t have to look for it. It will find you through your challenges and celebrations. Specifically, in the way how you respond to the challenges and celebrations of life.
The more you are able and choose to respond from a place of autonomy and leadership the clearer and more fulfilling your soul’s voice will speak to you.
As women we are coming out of centuries of bias and degrading views of what our feminine power can and needs to bring to this precious planet. We still have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to fully embracing and loving who we are.
After a lifetime of trying to adept to masculine success formula, being inspired by masculine heroism, religious/spiritual and philosophical views I ended up tired, uninspired, feeling deeply lost.
I sometimes literally had to crawl back into loving and adoring my own feminine body, soul and intelligence.

It changed everything!

I found a beacon of loving friends, women that have my back all the way. My juice came back. My net worth was able to grow.
I created unique ways to fully embrace loving myself and the people around me. Working with my voice, stage presence, healing abilities and my clients became this deeply fulfilling part of my life.
Now it’s time to teach and coach other inspiring leaders to step into their freedom, autonomy and do it bravely, joyfully and from a place of deep pleasure.
With my unique set of skills; I’m a holistic classically trained singer, a certified women’s and feminine leadership coach and mentor and I have been a business coach and entrepreneur well over 18 years.
Also, I’m a mom, a former internationally awarded holistic wellness and massage therapist, I’m a daughter of an immigrant and a war victim, I have plenty of nontraditional relationship experience myself that wonderfully and joyfully blends in with all that I am, do and stand for.
I work with women who, most of them, know it all, have done it all and are deeply aware of how they want to create impact.
As a speaker, artist, coach, healer and singer I am here to bring you to your own autonomy, your freedom to embrace the full version of you.
Mostly by helping you to remove the obstacles that prevent you to fully enter your body and your life.

So you become your own best soulmate.


A women radiating her self worth and self love in the world, attracting all that she really longs for.


I am deeply committed to guide you towards your own voice. Your voice of wisdom, feminine leadership and joy. It’s in the singing, speaking, writing voice and in the inner voice that whispers your intuition.

If you want to know if I can help you grow into the real you book here my free: “Becoming your own best Soulmate ★ for inspiring Leaders ★ Complimentary-session.” 

I am looking forward to meet you!

Love, Elisabeth


Your Voice Alchemist

What being a certified One of many™ women's coach adds to my toolbox

Being part of the first cohort of the One of many™ women’s coaches worldwide is one of the things in my life that has made me happy, proud, and deeply grateful.  

As a singer and voice alchemist, after having taught hundreds of people, I know and trust with every fiber in my body, that the voice you have is the most perfect instrument  for you. 

It carries your light and soul. It has been my mission to help uncover this authentic power. 

You know, if it wasn’t for the love of singing, I myself might still be running around, trying to be someone I am not.

I might still be trying to force myself to push beyond my boundaries, because I had no idea that trying to do the masculine power thing made me so unhappy, tired and ineffective. It used up all my creative and manifesting power. Getting ‘things done’ without the fulfillment is draining on your soul.

I know how it is, I’ve been there. But I knew deep down there was another way.  

Because of singing I knew that real power only shows itself when you let it resonate in its true form.

Studying in the UK, to become a licenced One of many™ women’s coach, taught me how to honour that truthful and authentic resonance when I coach women in the realm of female leadership.

And it works! 

I live in the Netherlands, but the attraction of the combination of being a Voice Alchemist and a One of many™ female leadership coach has brought me clients from all over the globe.

It doesn’t matter if you live in Amsterdam, Glasgow or Kuwait city; we women want to lead, be powerful and create change – but we need to do it from a place of authentic power. 

If we keep on pushing ourselves and ignore all the red flags, we keep on banging against the same doors on and on, while wasting the chance to spread our happiness, excellence,  and creative lifeforce to all that come in contact with us!

A client said, after working with me for 6 month: “You know Elisabeth, before we worked together I had the car and was driving at full speed – but with the brakes on.

Now it feels as if I’m driving in my Rolls, relaxed, certain, leaning back almost. But the results are so much bigger, and I actually enjoy the ride!