Being in sync with your calling​

Being in sync with your calling​

Being in sync with your calling​

Being in sync with your calling

Looking beyond ’talent, success, and being of service’

„Why be a coach when you can sing like that?”

I do get this question quite often:
“Why not simply get out there and be on the stage?“

The answer is that I am most happy when I see the light in someone’s eyes light up when they recognize the true power of who they are. 

We have so many talents. Like many of my clients and friends I am not a one trick pony. We can do a lot, take on a lot, and we like to make a difference. 

The difficulties lie in the challenge to trust in our own gut. What is the thing that makes us decide where to spent our time, energy, money and talents on? My studies, workplaces, businesses… my interests in life are numerous. And still… there has always been an undercurrent, a constant power that got me in sync with my core being. 

So, what’s the difference in following our own voice – doing the things in life on our own terms, in our most natural way – or in mainly following the voices and views of others? In adapting our own particular sound to the paradigms that might very well be outdated, and not at all about what you came here to do? 

Looking at my own situation – one of my life’s values is creating awareness. And of course, you can create awareness while singing on the stage. Sometimes even by being a mirror of what’s holding you back to embrace your power, potential and happiness.

The singer elina.garanca gives a wonderful example of this when she describes her preparation of finding her authentic voice for the role of ‘Eboli’:

“In #BecomingEboli, I’ve had to examine her motivations, to ask myself why she behaves so arrogantly and so selfishly. I don’t want to put Eboli in a box by making her a villain. 
It’s important to understand the risks of being a member of the court. In those times, every member of the court was forced to compete for the king’s favor. Eboli must always try to predict who will have power next; she must always avoid falling out of the king’s favour. There’s a definite danger, a need to prove oneself at all times. The consequences of failure are unthinkable, which is made clear when Eboli sings the famous “O don fatal et détesté.”

Being out of sync; behaving like a well-trained monkey

The way she describes the struggle of the character she plays is a beautiful example of what we all have to go through. Like Eboli’s bitchy behaviour in court, there’s a reason behind it when we’re not living our own authentic expression. It’s not easy living in alignment, being at your best, when we unconsciously carry with us the message and fear of not being wanted as we are, of not being good enough, or not being effective enough.

The current masculine paradigm we live in that tells us we have ’to man up’ in order to be successful, and the other dis-empowering beliefs we have picked up in our upbringing and environment are not always helpful in becoming ourselves.

Most of us miss having a deep appreciation for who we are, miss out on feeling fulfilled and happy with the unique gifts we possess, that are of immense value to the world and the people around us.

Instead we almost can behave like well-trained monkeys by showing up in a way we have come to belief is wanted, useful, and accepted. Being totally out of sync with what calls us.

From the outside it might look super-nice, efficient, and we even might feel we’re doing the world a favor. I have seen so many women losing their autonomic power by ‘being in service’, striving for success, recognition, safety, – forgetting their own call and cause. Hell, I have done it myself for a long time. But adapting your soul’s calling to what you ‘believe’ what other people want from you, or might look successful, instead of following what truly light’s you up is not a wise and sustainable route to follow. It will deplete you from your life’s  force, and your true abundance.

It’s a root cause of energetic mismatch with partners, jobs, lifestyles and it causes you to experience a lot of stress. There are huge costs of not being in flow. I know, it’s a trend word, but ‘being in flow’ is much more than just a fashionable phrase.

Experiencing your full potential

I’ve been fortunate enough to have witnessed several of my clients suddenly grasp, and experience their full potential during the holistic singing and voice lessons I have been giving over 20 years now. 

It’s live changing when you can feel and hear yourself. When you experience your core being.

Because we think we know who we are, but we have no idea. The gift of the voice is that it can be the vessel of the essence of your soul.

When you stop singing for effect, even stop aiming for beauty; when you sing in a listening mode, for what is true, your voice will uncover it’s mystery – a gift that can spark you into realizing what it is that you came here to do, what it is that you are all about.

Becoming and working as a holistic voice coach and a women’s leadership coach for me is the blessing of being able to bring clarity and light into the lives, families and businesses of the women I meet and work with.

The same principles that uncover our voice, can uncover our potential, our power to lead, and be the change we want to see in the world.

In uncovering the voice we balance, invite, lead, distinguish, merge, broaden, and mirror. These are all so called ‘Soft Powers’ guided by movements of our soul, reflected in our thoughts, lived in our actions, and experienced in the senses of our body. 

I know, it sounds abstract, but the thing is, you can talk about it for ages – it only becomes reality when we bring it into action.

That’s the reason I teach beautiful short rituals that invite you to bring the gift of your voice into your daily reality. They’re called the Resonating Rituals and they are a wonderful aid to our busy daily lives. A tool to honor and grow your true leaderships-voice. In my programs I combine them with the 5 Women PowerTypes™, the archetypes that help us to find and work optimally with our Soft Powers.

The gift of becoming intimately connected with your soft powers is that you will be able to move effortlessly between all the situations life is throwing at you.  

You are handed the reigns back, come up with aligned answers, effective solutions, and you actively build on a vessel for your soul to become the authentic women that you are.

The gifts of the Women Powertypes™

My clients tell me how life has changed for the better for them since they have learned to organically bring in the gifts of the Women Powertypes™ into their everyday life.

Becoming acquainted with these archetypes brings so much back of the power we thought we lost. In a natural effortless way.  

We all have these 5 Women PowerTypes inside of us; the Queen, the Lover, the Warrioress, the Sorceress and the Mother. Some are more apparent in our lives than others, we all have our own balance, that can shift over time. 

An empowering and compassionate understanding for our current situation rises up when we take a non-judgemental closer look at how their powers are shaping the lives we have… 

Your invited to my waiting list! Take your own test…

If you want to have a better understanding about current situations and challenges in your own life, business or cause, we can arrange an appointment where we do exactly that: – you take the Women PowerType Profiletest that shows you the current balance and then together take a closer look how this works out inside your life, business, career and look at what’s needed to get you the aligned results you long for.

I am opening up spaces for Dutch participants, and for English speaking women who are interested in uncovering their voice and their power, -to participate in taking the Women’s PowerType Profile. Dutch speaking women will receive translated test result rapports.

If you want to be on the waiting list and have a chance at a free debrief of that test: add your name to the waiting list!

You will then soon (in between one or two weeks) get an invitation to take the test  (normally € 85,-), receive the extensive rapport, and have a chance of being invited for a one on one debrief session (normally € 235,- ) with me personally! 


If you know other women; your sisters, colleagues, co-workers, or best friend, who you know would love, and needs, to have this helpful insight in her life right now, show her this blog and she can add herself on the waiting list too. 

If you want to have a better understanding about your own life, and in the landscape of your current situations and challenges, we can arrange an appointment where we do exactly that: take the Women PowerType Profiletest that shows you the current balance and then together take a closer look how this works out inside your life, business or career.

I am opening up spaces for Dutch participants, and for English speaking women who are interested in uncovering their voice and their power, -to participate in taking the Women’s PowerType Profile. Dutch speaking women will receive translated test result rapports.

Wachtlijst voor Nederlands sprekende vrouwen:

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Waiting list for English speaking women:

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I still combine being a singer, being a women leadership coach, and being an entrepreneur who provides sustainable solutions and alternatives for the earth and all that live on it .

For me it fits perfectly together. When I’m singing on stage, coaching a client, leading a group of women with music, singing and movement, into their Soft Powers, or when I talk with my husband about our mutual business, a bio-dynamic farm with a organic food-store and two organic markets; it’s all an expression of what I am all about – of why I am here. All of those activities are close to my heart. 

I make it my daily job to resonate joyfully. It does takes work and resilience, – getting in sync, being aligned is about being open to be vulnerable, seeing the difficulties, feeling the fear, seeing the opportunities, daring to trust. It is about showing up bravely (exercising my soft powers is very helpful with that!). 

In the end there is no real difference for my own happiness if my own light begins to shine, or when the lights of my clients and the people around me are being awakened. 

It is a spiritual principle that resonates with the beautiful poem of Marianne Williamson “When we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give permission for others to do the same.”  


If you want to know: what IS your voice? Here’s a song to listen to 🙂 <3 

(Tekst & Copyright 2018, Elisabeth de Charon de St Germain – Vocal Presence)  

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