Elisabeth de Charon de Saint Germain
At home in life

At home in life

I’m 50. And I do feel at home in my life. Finally.

So, don’t worry if it takes a bit longer. If I am able to experience it, it’s probably possible everyone can. ❤️

It is not the ‘how’. It’s not the outer circumstances. Well, some of it. But in fact it’s me.
It’s realising I don’t have to be anything else but me. That it’s okay to be simply happy with that.

Life seems to have magically turned out to have given me everything I’ve truly longed for from the moment I started to choose to put my energy in what I loved unconditionally.

The antidote of overwhelm and not manifesting what you long for

The antidote of overwhelm and not manifesting what you long for

We first have to become the energy of what we long for.

When I was 11 I had a strange accident that catapulted my consciousness out of my body.

All at once I was surrounded with the deepest love imaginable – I saw everyone, heard it all – the panicked shouting and the business that was going on – but all was well.

Everything and everyone was exactly as it was supposed to be. All the external noise was stripped and what stayed was a vast space of love, acceptance, stillness and a meaningful intelligence were I could see the connection and worthiness of every individual person, flower, bird and drop of water in the river I looked upon.