Are you hiding your power? Are their costs on your impact?

Are you hiding your power? Are their costs on your impact?

Are you hiding your power? Are their costs on your impact?

How many times are we hiding aspects of our power and how is it costing us our impact?

This morning I wondered why I’ve never weared my hair on the other side of my head… My hair covers half off my left-cheeks – and with that my left eye. I decided to change it to the other side this morning and felt this subtle twitch of inner resistance. Why is that resistance of any importance?

Well this is a short story on something so little and so trivial as HOW wearing your hair can be a clear sign of a habit that has lingered on for long. But a disservice to my impact.

I’m an expressive introvert (well that’s how I call it – don’t know if that is the official term for it). And my face is showing those two trades.

My right eye is open and engaging, and it feels like that’s the part that I’m comfortable for people to look at.

The left eye… if does takes in all it sees. It really looks, almost touches, analyses and is processing it all. It also sees through all the fog.

Do you think I wanted people to see that secret knowing, analysing, see through any mist or BS power?! Absolutely not! Hiding my power served me well when I was a child. So, hair hanging over my left eye, that’s a way of literally covering my best tool.

I needed to keep my thoughts and observations for my self. It was a mechanism that kept me out of trouble; certain confrontations that I wasn’t ready to face at that time.

But now? How does it serve me?How does it serves my clients or my relationships?

Well, it doesn’t! So, it’s time to become real and own up to my all seeing left eye.  Also because I’m freakingly grateful for it! The results I provide because of the way my senses are connected to my brain, heart and spirit, that’s why my clients pay me the big bucks.

Do you recognise any of those old mechanisms that have long outdated their service?

Are you a natural loud laugher that has kept it in for too long? Someone with a wicked sense of humour that is able to cut through any BS and is able to take people to a whole new state in a matter of seconds?

If you look at yourself and think of all the juicy, wonderful bits off yourself that you are hiding for others and your clients because you still feel the discomfort – be kind to yourself.

But then… take an honest look at how it is serving you right now.

And if it doesn’t? Choose. It’s your call. 👑

That’s the great thing about it! We are free to keep it as long as we believe we need it – until we feel ready to let go.

Accessing your full impact and presence from a place of freedom and love

This is, after all what I teach. How to access your full impact and presence from a place of freedom and love. When I started my journey to uncover my own authentic voice and feminine power I was so scared of being seen and heard.

I knew I had a gift to share but this burning feeling of discomfort, every time I opened myself up, was almost breaking me down. And yet I came through. I’ve found ways that has lead me to the most fulfilling work, experiences and relationships.

What state are you in?

🎯 If you go through something similar and know that you’re holding back your gift, this is what I want you to know:

💡 There is a neutral, reactive state where we don’t choose. Others choose for you or you react from a place of unconscious habits that have served you in the past. With this – it doesn’t really make an impact. There’s a grayscale of “Mmweah…”. No joy, no pain. Just mmweah…

💡 Than there is a state where things become too urgent and ‘so bad’ that you’re being burned and HAVE to make a decision. It feels like live and death…. and it brings up a lot of adrenaline and testosterone to help you get from a to b. And sometimes that works wonders! But most of the time you’re on ‘survival mode’. It’s draining on your energy. We all can plough through this for a while- until we get to burned out. But for a while it does work. You’re even able to be excellent. But it will never be genius level. Chances are that you’ve been a highly valued member of society in this state, but are you fulfilled? Is this what makes your soul sing?

💡 And then there is a state of embracing your full freedom to be you. You choose to engage with the discomfort while breathing through, while being in movement and being seen. And then the discomfort starts to shift. It surrenders itself to the ‘here and now’. Old stories fall away and loose their meaning. You’re no longer pushed. You don’t force yourself. You let yourself being pulled by your own power and love for what you DO want into your life. Is this always easy breezy happy lala lala? No. Definitely not. But once you start it you can create shifts that are so mind blowing quick and powerful that you experience that you can start to trust life so much more. Because it’s your own authentic power you connect with! And you have loads of it! The woman who speaks, sings or runs a business from that place of power is heard, is seen and is able to speak and act with her full potential. She is able to spread the gift of her genius. Her body, mind and spirit are all engaged in the same moment. She makes impact that is unforgettable, that is felt, and is able to create lasting change.

It’s not rocket science.

It pains me to know that the tools and knowledge that help you get in the state of your choosing exist, but are treated as if it’s very hard, difficult or mystical to learn them. Because it isn’t difficult!! And it isn’t hard either. I’ve found ways – with help from others – and believe me, this is not a magic secret way and neither is it rocket science.

This is doable, with clear steps to take. Yes, it sometimes feels a bit magical once you experience the shifts that are possible, and I do have a few wonderful almost magical looking gifts to share – but it’s not magic – it’s deep insight waiting to be in service to your potential.

Want to know what’s blocking your impact?

Would it serve you to have a free breakthrough call with me for 30 minutes to discover what might be blocking your impactful voice and presence right now? Let me know below below and we’ll talk. We’ll set up a call.
You will take away three things:
1. You’ll discover what’s the real problem that’s keeping you from owning your authentic voice and making the impact that you want.
2. You’re going to get one tip from me that will help you straight away
3. We will look at what it is that you need for now and if you and I are a match to work together.

If it resonates with you, take me up on my invite and I can’t wait to talk to you soon!

Xx Elisabeth

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