Intuitive Aligned Planning  

Allowing flow, abundance and joy to ease your business and daily life

Wouldn’t you love to experience that you 'owned' your time, your money and your energy?!  

We all have 24 hours in a day. Sometimes we manage to get all sorts of stuff done in those hours. Other times we experience overwhelm and constant hurry. Some circumstances we really reign our time; and other times we are bridled by it. Something similar goes for money.  

Energy is all around us. Abundance is there for the take, for anybody who knows how to grab opportunities and how to receive.  


What would be possible if you'd receive the keys to your mindset? If you start owning your time, feeling that grounding trust of being in the driver’s seat with the blessing of your own inner wisdom?  

If you want to know more about intuitive Aligned Planning and work on an overwhelm-free and abundance and joy filled 2019, keep reading because this is the program for you!  



  • Do you long to experience your full wholeness? 
  • Connect with your freedom, soft powers, and your true voice? 
  • While creating your tailormade personal calendar for 2019? 
  • To be completely clear on your soul purpose, having the whole year mapped out in an organic way that suits your unique rhythms? 
  • To get things done with ease and joy?

Don’t look any further. We are your go-to team!  

In this program you’ll uncover your vocal female presence. 

You’ll discover how to stand on your own fertile grounds, in tune with the unique rhythms of your body, your life and the Moon.  

It will result in finding a soft but incredibly powerful way of setting and reaching your goals, without burning yourself out.  


In six weeks, we'll teach you how to allow flow, abundance and joy to ease your business and daily life. Sounds magical, doesn’t it? It is, and at the same time it is completely doable. Every week you receive crystal clear inspirations and exercises.  

We guide you inwards, where you find your unique inner realms. Here you can recharge your energies, delve right into your creativity and stay strong, stable and rooted no matter what storms blast around you. And once you are firmly grounded in your inner realms, you won’t have to force anything anymore, you will be able to act in a soft but powerful manner.  

  • We teach you how to breathe in a way that gives optimum health, strength and focus.  
  • We teach you how to work with the phases of the Moon, to find and recognize your own rhythm.  
  • We teach you how to uncover the true power of your voice – so you can inspire in ways you never thought possible.  
  • We teach you about the archetypes and how to use all aspects of your soft powers, embracing all of who you are.  
  • We teach you how to find your inner compass, and how to navigate with it.  
  • And last but certainly not least: we teach you how to make a planning for 2019 that lets you be you, that uses your strengths and supports your weaknesses, that leaves enough room to recharge. It is a planning that is both deeply connected to your personal truth, and that is as flexible as needed at the same time.  

Are you ready to allow flow, abundance and joy, to ease your business and daily life? Join us in creating the ultimate intuitive planner for 2019!  


December 21st a very special 6-week program starts. 

December 21st a very special 6-week program starts.  

A cooperation between Elisabeth De Charon De St Germain and Mirjam van der Zee. Mirjam lives in Waterland at the bedding of the sea, and Elisabeth lives between the edge of a forest and her biodynamic garden. 

The both of us seek connections, to reach out and to ground the resulting synergy. We want you to find the energy, the power, and flow to plan and create your life with a strong foundation of aligned wisdom and grounded confidence. 

Mirjam with breath and moon as her Alfa and Omega. Elisabeth with the voice and soft power as a compass.  

We are very excited, and curious what will come out of all this. No doubt this synergy will be much more and different than we can ever imagine.  

Are you excited and curious too? By all means, join in! 




The special price we ask this first time around will never come back.  

When you decide to join us you will not only be part of a new creation: 

 your questions , your energy, and your voice will cocreate the start of an amazing tribe of women who choose to live and work from a place of self worth, trust and love!


Choose the option that fits you best:

6 week Intuitive Aligned Planning course

€ 175

Your voice. Your rhythm. Your life. 

December 21st a very special 6-week program starts. In six weeks, we teach you how to allow flow, abundance and joy to ease your business and daily life. 


⍟6 week Intuitive Aligned Planning course + ⍟2day live online Retreat + ⍟ 1 Individual coaching session + ⍟BONUS: full In-Person Day in the Netherlands!

€ 575

Your voice. Your rhythm. Your life. 

⍟ 6 week Intuitive Aligned Planning course 

In six weeks, we teach you how to allow flow, abundance and joy to ease your business and daily life. 


⍟ 2-day life Retreat from the comfort of your own home where you will implement it all! 


⍟ 1 Individual coaching session 

⍟ BONUS: full In-Person Day in the Netherlands full of magic and vocal female presence

Wondering if this is for you? Watch this...

N. 1 Feminine presence, finding aligned ways to make full use of your soft powers. 

N. 2 HOW you plan for 2019 will make a difference for how you will step into your leadership. Intuitive, aligned planning opens the space to fully cocreate.

N. 3 What it means to plan with the wisdom of your Women Powertypes and why you need to listen to your own voice.

Do you need more information? 

Want to talk to us? We are here for you...

Leave Elisabeth or Mirjam a message on messenger and we will contact you a.s.a.p.

It's okay to drop us a Whats-app message...♥ : Elisabeth +31(0)610358872 OR Mirjam +31(0)636083538 

This course is for you if...

  • You are constantly busy and in need of more breathing time.
  • You want to be succesful and get things done, without suffocating your soul.
  • You need to start taking care of YOU before taking care of anybody elses' needs.
  • You sense this power inside, and need to learn how to get controlled access to it from a place of alignment and trust.

6 Weeks to create a life and business on your terms  

Here's how you will learn to plan your life and business with intuitive alignment.  

With weekly update on the ruling Moon phase.

Week 1, theme: love for self 

Connection with / care for self: Lover

  Letting go of the unhealthy pushing tension of Super Woman, embracing self-love, the womb space, your femininity. Integrate your full feminine being. Start to shift from fear to love.  

You create your own personal planner to step into the circulair experience.

Take the plunge: PERSEPHONE & DEMETER

Week 2. theme: wisdom, power & boundaries: cycles, family, home

Connection with / care of hearth: Mother

 Honor and bless your home. Discover your fruitfull rhythm and spot your energy leaks; managing energy and power with the flow of your feminine cycles.

What rhythms can you discern around you? How cow can you honour and work with them? While staying true to yourself?

The hearth is the heart, not only of the house: HESTIA 

Week 3, theme: accepting your crown & holding the vision for your realm

Connection with / care for your realm: Queen 

Holding the vision, embracing leadership and grace, trusting and using your ability to discern, decide and declare how you want it to be in your realm. 

What is the value of regalia? Why do they matter, and when don't they?

INANNA: Queen of heaven and earth 

Week 4, theme: intuitive aligned action taking & fighting for what you believe in

Connection with / care for the world: Warrioress  

Protection for your realm and ideals. The secret to flexible action taking, getting things done with more ease, fun and teamspirit.

No light without darkness: speak your mind!

Embrace the 'nagging' woman in you! HERA

Week 5, theme: cocreation, rituals, miracles.

Connection with / care for your Source: Sorceress 

Holding space, creating alignment, trusting miracles. The difference of feminine and masculine creative energies. Embracing your divinity, zone of genious, and wise wild womanhood. Surrendering to your source.

APHRODITE's MIRROR: what questions need clarification? What will you receive from your well of wisdom?  

Week 6, theme: bringing it all together and planting your flag, 

Building your ultimate aligned individual plan 

Bring in your intuitive aligned vision; honor all the different aspects of you: your soft powers, your values, the wisdom of the cycles, your needs and wants. Set your inner compass towards the milestones for your life and business.

THE POWER OF STORYTELLING: Write your personal mythology.

Join our 2 day Online Mastermind Retreat 9 and 10 February

Implement with us at your side and use the momentum.

2019 Is going to be your year: created with intent, love and wisdom for all that you are and want to become. 

Within the flow of all that you have learned this is going to be your time to implement with flow.

 With Elisabeth and Mirjam as your helping voices and ears. We will get you unstuck when the fear of actually going for what you love is stopping you: whith healing alignment sessions, creative excercisess to get you out of your head, and intuitive and strategic mastermind coaching and mentorring sessions.

Bonus: A full life day with us in the Netherlands to incorporate all this wisdom at an even deeper level.

Experience the wisdom walk of the Moon Game journey and connect with your vocal feminine presence. 

If you want to fully connect with your feminine wisdom, power, voice and magic; this is the place to come to.

We will be there with open arms to welcome you. 

The date will be set once we know who will join us!


What: Intuitive Aligned Planning 2019

When: START December 21st 2018

Where: Wherever you are. Facebook, Zoom, email (we'll provide links).

Why: Because your soul, business and daily life need it!

It's time to change the belief that overwhelm simply belongs to our modern day - successful - life. This is your life. When you realign consciously with your intuitive wisdom and implement it organically into your everydaylife and your businesslife: EXPECT MIRACLES. 

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead