Elisabeth de Charon de Saint Germain

Activate Your Lifeforce

Activate your Lifeforce!

Feeling out of touch with the Magic of Life?

Here’s the invitation you’ve been waiting for. 

This free 5 Day mini course will help you Remember your Divine Creative Powers.

I want you to feel what it means to Authentically Express Yourself – No Matter What!

Who is it for?

I created this 5-Day mini course for women who want to authentically express themselves no matter the circumstances.

When you do this from a place of unconditional love the  miracles start to happen. 

You create change without having to burn out.

The beautiful sensitive, smart, and empathic part of you knows so well what others need.

A lifetime of becoming so freaking good at what you do! You are holding the fort in times of need. You are the one who will find the best outcome for everyone involved.

So why is it you still feel so drained and so disengaged from your own heart?

Why do critical voices in your head prevent you from speaking your truth?

What happened to feeling amazingly happy and juicy, for no reason at all?

Do you remember that feeling of dreaming without limits – knowing you could do and be anything your heart longed for?

Yes, I know! You are well aware of the law of attraction and the power of alignment.

But here’s the thing, my love:

you still believe you need to EARN and WORK for YOUR PLACE IN THE SUN.

This is what you will experience during the 5 day mini course:

you are going to start to Reawaken the Divine Magic Of Your Lifeforce!

You will wake up the joy that is you.

I will share my own Divine gifts to let you remember yours!

Authentic Expression – in Voice and Presence – an abundance of Creative Lifeforce is my Soul’s imprint.

And yet, for years, I too was in your situation. Struggling to fully own my place in the sun, holding off to fully express my authentic self and go for my dream life because I believed myself not worthy or ready enough.

Not until I opened a portal to create an alignment that has so much power it supported me no matter what!

Part of what it opened I will share with you in these 5 days. You will experience what it means to speak directly into Source, free yourself from the burden of (self-) judgement and embody the pure joy and inner love of synchronized Divine Masculine and Feminine energy.

Let’s meet each other over these 5 days and I will show you what it feels like to connect with your Heart’s Song!

We will start on June 21.

Sign up now for free and meet your Tribe in my Divine Sisterhood Facebook group.