You're a visionary thought leader.

Maybe you have felt somewhat like a black sheep and have been waiting, afraid to show up, claiming your place in the light.

But times are changing and THIS is Your Time.

Stop giving your power away.

Now is NOT the time to hide away, to fall into pieces, or push too hard and turn into a "Burnout waiting to happen Superwoman".

Your Voice and your Feminine Powers have never been more needed!

Recognize this, my love…

You know you’re meant for bigger things.

➤ Right now, there is more need for you to be visible. You want to connect with others and create the safe space where your peeps can feel your authentic presence. Even when it is online – yet you have no clue how to go about this.

➤ Going Live on Facebook makes you instantly wanna hide under a blanket (with a new season of Grace & Frankie and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s)

➤ You have BIG DREAMS for your life and bizz – yet your next level of success or fulfillment are far from your current reality

➤ On the one hand you’re longing to get up on that stage, but what if you forget your lines? Or people think you’re a fraud? Too salesy? Arrogant? Or worse… incompetent

But what you REALLY want/crave is…

✔ To stop hiding and start being fully seen and heard 

✔ Getting your message, vision, and work in front of WAY more people (hello, real impact!)

✔ Living your purpose and leaving a legacy as the feminine thought leader in your field

✔ Stop feeling insecure and feeling confident on stage (even when you’ve lost your lines!)

✔ Speak from the passionate ‘real you’, the black sheep/light-worker, who is here to create change

✔ Make more money and get more clients by sharing your passion, knowledge and wisdom, especially now – every time you speak in front of a group or on camera

 ” Even in the pulpit of my fear I can be ME, connected with my audience”

“I am someone for whom anxiety hits hard on stage. What I have experienced through Elisabeth’s coaching is coming into real presence. Because I know now how to be really present, even in the pulpit of my fear I can be ME. I show up authentically, speak from my heart, and I really touch my audience. It has been a huge boost in my self-confidence. “

Cindy Vranken, Sales trainer and awareness coach, Belgium

Please don’t shoot the messenger…

… But having a fulfilled life, reaching that next level of business success, and those dream clients (+ cash!) will be virtually IMPOSSIBLE if you don’t know how to confidently 'Be You' AND Claim your Stage & Voice

My coaching program offers the proven methods and deeply inspired wisdom for the woman 

✔ who is DONE believing that it’s necessary to show up as a man in a skirt.

✔ who is DONE hiding her true colors, voice and true feelings, or worse… fearing her own power (!), and is ready to have the success she needs right NOW.

 You will have DIRECT ACCESS to me

 We will heal and remove what’s keeping your essence from shining

  I will show you exactly how to use your Soft Powers

 You will access your full feminine potential and end the drain of your power for once and for all…

 …and we will uncover your full voice and presence that CONNECTS you with YOUR PEEPS, creates impact and makes good money, because you will show up as the feminine leader that you are and you will create the safety and guidance your tribe is craving for.


This could be you….

“I’ve found my new groove. I’m no longer exhausted like I have been for years.”

I have found my new groove, in my new work/life balance. I’m not exhausted like I have been for weeks, months, years. I feel energized by the work I’m doing for clients. And I’m giving them a better experience of doing business with me because of that. I’ve grown and changed so much, these things will continue to fuel my confidence and lead to even more growth and financial breakthroughs.

Charlene Kingston, Innovative coach and consultant, Arizona USA

“The last three month of working with you have helped me more than all the therapists and psychologists before in the last years.”

Being burned-out after years of grief, having lost my parents soon after each other to cancer, both times while being pregnant, I reached out to you because felt I had lost my own voice. Everyone else seemed to know what was best for me, except me.

In the last three month of working with you, I have reached more progress than with all the therapists and psychologists before. I’m in charge again.  Energised and sustainably working a little bit more each week. I found MY voice and became aware of what gave me true pleasure. It gave me strength to step out of a toxic relationship. And even now that I’m  going through this separation I experience I am turning into the mother I always wanted to be for my children.

Sanneke Potgiesser, Dance-teacher and eurythmist, The Netherlands

“My perfectionism is no longer in the driver’s seat!”

The goals I have reached are beyond my dreams! I learned to trust my intuition, to come in action and just try things out! My perfectionism is no longer in the driver’s seat now I no longer fear to fly. I ‘know’ now I can always crawl up and try again – even if I fall. All the changes have come in a natural way.The transformation caused by Elisabeth’s coaching, levels with the deep source of wisdom and wellness that is inside all of us.

Annette van der Maarel, stress counsellor and creative coach, The Netherlands

“Do not wait for someone else to come speak to you. It's you who can change the world” - Malala Yousafzai