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In a world that’s full of noise, your Own Voice is the Divine Gift of Source
It’s the instrument designated to help you focus the frequency of your Soul, resonate it wide into the world, and create an authentic life path that is Your Song.

It will connect you directly to your spiritual powers and your power as a creator and leader.

This gift has always been yours, and I’m here to help you remember its power and how to implement it in all areas of your life, business, and relationships.

In this masterclass I’m sharing two amazing spiritual shamanic voice hacks with you. From now on you will always remember how to set the tone and frequency of your day and voice yourself into the river of unconditional self love and joy.

With love, Elisabeth, Spiritual Shamanic voice coach for heart centered leaders.

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What Is Spiritual Shamanic Voice mentoring?

In my Spiritual Voice Remembering Sessions and Retreats I connect my clients with their Soul’s Voice, their inner wisdom, and energetic leadership. We transform stagnant patterns and energy, we turn on the frequency of unconditional love and joy, and we liberate the authentic expression of your soul to come out, play, and take the lead!

Who is Elisabeth de Charon de Saint Germain?

elisabeth shaman light portret
Elisabeth is a shamanic voice mentor for Heart centered leaders. She received her holistic singing training as a classical soprano and voice pedagogue in the wisdom of Werbeck’s school of Uncovering the Voice. She is a certified women’s and feminine leadership coach (at One of Many Women’s Coaching) & energetic healer (Theta Healing -numerous certifications). With her extensive experience in transforming the voices, lives, relations, and leadership skills of her clients for over twenty years, a natural spiritual opening and growth of her own Shamanic and Spiritual gifts occurred. It led to the understanding of her purpose: to use her knowledge, shamanic wisdom, and talents to connect people with the spiritual powers of their voice and bring them in alignment with the authentic expression of their Soul.  If you want to discover if working with Elisabeth is the right fit and moment for you, feel free to reach out and book a call with the button below. 

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The lights gets in at the cracks…

Like me, many of my clients have never felt that they fitted in. 


With the increased awareness of spiritual reality all over the world people are waking up to their inner voice.

The energy to pretend that life’s difficulties will disappear by working even harder is no longer believable. 

The rise of the Divine Feminine has brought us to a place where many old views and behaviors that where quite toxic for our health and wellbeing are now re-evaluated. 

There is an outcry for the real humanitarian in us to come to the front.

But now the reality; we still feel all this old wounding inside of us. And although we long to speak our truth – we don’t do it.

Not often enough. And not with enough conviction. 


Sharing your true voice scares the living daylight out of almost all the people I know. 

We might have come out as unconventional, or deeply spiritual and sensitive.

We might not be afraid to show who we are, to an extent. 

But many of my clients are afraid that their full voice and power might scare people off.

We think people will reject us. Ridicule us. Because in a way for many of us that has been the reality.

This fear disempowers us as leaders. It prevents us of making the impact we deeply long for. 

The cost of hiding 
The sleepless nights. This aching feeling of life just not matching up with who you truly are, or long to be.  Being afraid of losing your most precious relationships, by voicing what you really feel, think, and want. 


Doubting yourself on every aspect of your life, all because you can’t hear your own divine truth when you are in hiding. 
 Many of my clients experienced serious burn-out, health crisis’s, and relationship challenges with their family, partners or in business, before they found me and decided to reach out for my guidance as an intuitive coach and healer.

I reached out to you because felt I had lost my own voice. Everyone else seemed to know what was best for me, except me.
In the last three month of working with you, I have reached more progress than with all the therapists and psychologists before. I’m in charge again.  Energised and sustainably working a little bit more each week.
I found MY voice and became aware of what gave me true pleasure. It gave me strength to step out of a toxic relationship. And even now that I’m  going through this separation
I experience I am turning into the mother I always wanted to be for my children.

Sanneke, Dancer and Waldorf School teacher

“Do not wait for someone else to come speak to you.
It’s you who can change the world”
– Malala Yousafzai

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As a speaker and business woman, I knew that there was still room for improvement by working with Elisabeth.

Especially with her Voice & Theta healing, working on the deeper layers, unleashing me in speaking my truth, with pleasure and success.
It was an indescribably beautiful experience, and with an instant noticeable difference.

Even in the private sphere a lot has been shifted, so that being true to myself with energy conservation is easily realized.

Elisabeth was completely able to lead me, a woman with a lot of knowledge and power, into this next level.

Our process was skillfully and lovingly supervised at the highest level. I recommend it to any top level female leader.

Reggy Nelissen, Global High Level Leadership Mentor & Speaker

Tell me more….bring me to programs & sessions

I had all this money before, but without all the joy that is now in my heart. I have never worked with so little stress. I’m not working when I’m tired, and when I’m working, I am fully there! It’s like I show up and I do it.

And the work is better of it. I am so aware of my core values and my secret spiritual gifts that when I’m talking to my clients it makes a great difference. I’m now able explain to them how I’ve been building all the processes around them, not just some standard processes, but how I create it all around their strength and weaknesses. Because they are the key to this project succeeding.

I am sharing levels of information I haven’t before, I watched what it does. I changes everything!

What I see now is that I’ve grown and changed so much during our work together, these things will continue to fuel more growth and financial breakthroughs.

Charlene Kingston, Innovative coach and consultant, Arizona USA


Set 2022 up to Be and Share more of the Gift of You

Yes! A new year is here!

We have arrived at this wonderful moment of stepping into this new year where we can choose to become even more of ourselves.

To show up into the world, in our relations, and our work, honoring who we are and don’t have to hide or feel shameful for being what we are and who we are, and really shine!

The more we generously share and radiate who we are, the more we make it comfortable for other people to shine and feel seen for they are.

Whatever push or pressure it is you might feel – there is no such thing as that this coming year needs to solve everything. That “it needs to be the Best Year of your Life!!!” (Three too many exclamation marks are intended )

Why would you want that ?!?

Read on here…

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