Elisabeth de Charon de Saint Germain
The invitation to inspire and lead with your radiance and voice has always been yours.

Now let me help you to claim it.

Have you felt like the outsider who tried to fit in? Its hard right? If not impossible.

To be happy and fulfilled you need to be able to embrace who you truly are. If you ignore this voice inside that is calling for attention, funk starts to happen.

It shows up in your relationship, your health, career, prosperity, and overall happiness. It feels disempowered. You notice that you run into the need to hustle and cannot seem to find any sense of flow and harmony. 

It is feeling depleted even when you just had a lovely holiday. It is hearing so many voices who give you advice, but you can not hear your own.

Many of my clients have felt like the black sheep.  It made them hide or doubt the gift of the most beautiful parts of themselves: the way they love, their creative and spiritual gifts, their powerful voice and presence that can move the room and attract the right clients.

I reached out to you because felt I had lost my own voice. Everyone else seemed to know what was best for me, except me. In the last three month of working with you, I have reached more progress than with all the therapists and psychologists before. I'm in charge again.  Energised and sustainably working a little bit more each week. I found MY voice and became aware of what gave me true pleasure. It gave me strength to step out of a toxic relationship. And even now that I'm  going through this separation I experience I am turning into the mother I always wanted to be for my children.

Sanneke, Dancer and Waldorf School teacher
Let me introduce myself, your fellow sensitive black sheep 😉

I am Elisabeth de Charon de Saint Germain and I live in the Netherlands on a beautiful rural spot in the middle of nature.

Coming from a mix of Indonesian, Swiss, German, Dutch and French descendants I felt like the world was my home, more than the country I lived in.

During my own life I have felt like an outsider for a long, long time. 

First, I felt way too sensitive. I picked up every feeling, sound, low and high energies I came in contact with. With the psychic gifts I already had since I was born, came a renewed spiritual awakening at 11 years old.

After an accident, where I went into a ‘near death’ experience kind of state, everything I was taught to believe in was completely turned on its head.

It reconnected me with Source, but I never shared anything about my new state. 

All my survival instincts signaled to me that it was necessary  to hide that part.

I even tried to hide it by making it my goal to be a harsh critic of spirituality in general.

trust the inner voice

Then in came my singing voice, I trained as a classical singer, I performed and trained many people, however my fascination was truly for the holistic transmutation, and transformational aspects of voice.

At the same time in my longtime marriage, we faced the challenge of both wanting and needing more individual space to be who we truly where, while still deeply loving each other and wanting to be together. 

In all I felt the guidance of this Unconditional Love, non judgemental power I experienced when I was 11 years old. It teached me to align myself to my own powers as a creator. Trusting my inner Voice. Taking up the invitation to lead from my feminine powers.

What I have realised, especially after becoming a One of Many Women’s coach and a Theta Healer, is that we, ‘black sheep’, have looked at ourselves from a wrong angle.

Instead of looking at ourselves from afar, in a linear position, we are here to put ourselves in the center of our life. And consciously building a life that is built around who truly are.

Compassionately and with unconditional love for our soul:

What is your soul truly wants to experience?

What gifts do you bring by being you?

How are you positively influencing the people around you when you start to become happy because you can be authentically you?

Let me give you a secret: all the answers to these questions are also your Keys to True Prosperity and Fulfilment.

This is the new feminine leadership that the world is hungry for.

Experiencing yourself like a black sheep was always the invitation of the universe to take up your own sovereign position and claim your stage.

As a speaker and business woman, I knew that there was still room for improvement by working with Elisabeth.

Especially with her Voice & Theta healing, working on the deeper layers, unleashing me in speaking my truth, with pleasure and success. It was an indescribably beautiful experience, and with an instant noticeable difference.

Even in the private sphere a lot has been shifted, so that being true to myself with energy conservation is easily realized.
Elisabeth was completely able to lead me, a woman with a lot of knowledge and power, into this next level.

Our process was skillfully and lovingly supervised at the highest level. I recommend it to any top level female leader.

Reggy Nelissen, Global High Level Leadership Mentor & Speaker
tHere is a truthbomb you need to be aware of:
To keep playing the hiding game, over and over again, is sooooo much harder than claiming your own place in the sun!

It causes

* Overwhelm
* Burnout
* Health risks
* Addictive behaviour
*Relational and parental problems
* Feeling deeply dissatisfied
* Missing out on effectively sharing your gold
* Not feeling worthy, seen, or acknowledged
* Missing out on attracting the right opportunities, relationships, clients and money
* The need to keep on hustling, feeling stressed, and irritated
* It will make you feel out of touch with your body, your sexuality, your souls voice and your overall sense of joy, happiness and purpose

If you truly want to:
it is you who has to take action

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In order to Rise up and Fly high you first need to become
fully grounded in your feminine powers

I had all this money before, but without all the joy that is now in my heart. I have never worked with so little stress. I’m not working when I’m tired, and when I’m working, I am fully there! It’s like I show up and I do it.

And the work is better of it. I am so aware of my core values and my secret spiritual gifts that when I’m talking to my clients it makes a great difference. I’m now able explain to them how I’ve been building all the processes around them, not just some standard processes, but how I create it all around their strength and weaknesses. Because they are the key to this project succeeding.

I am sharing levels of information I haven’t before, I watched what it does. I changes everything!

What I see now is that I’ve grown and changed so much during our work together, these things will continue to fuel more growth and financial breakthroughs.

Charlene Kingston, Innovative coach and consultant, Arizona USA

" Even in the pulpit of my fear I can be ME, connected from my heart with my audience"
"I am someone for whom anxiety hits hard on stage. What I have experienced through Elisabeth's coaching is coming into real presence. Because I know now how to be really present, even in the pulpit of my fear I can be ME. I show up authentically, speak from my heart, and I really touch my audience. It has been a huge boost in my self-confidence. "

Cindy, Awareness coach and sales trainer

“Do not wait for someone else to come speak to you. It's you who can change the world” - Malala Yousafzai

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Step into your feminine leadership.

Open your true radiance & voice.

Claim your stage.