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Uncover your Soul's Voice and feminine presence

❤ What if you ARE enough?

❤ What if you could do what makes your heart sing?

❤ What would the state of your life and business be if you would OWN YOUR TRUE VOICE?

You ARE enough.
You CAN - you're even created to - do what makes your heart sing.

Access the power of your aligned confidence

★ Connect with your Soul's Voice & Feminine Presence.

★ End the overwhelm and the need to hide.

★ Own your True Voice

★ Powerfully do what you love.

Voice your Soul back home

You have had to hide or overshout your true voice and power many times. 

To be safe. To fit in. To cope and get on with life.  

The point is; you are a Soul who has big dreams, many talents and a strong and big heart. 

You will never fully thrive and be fulfilled when you keep on hiding your real voice and power.

Why do we have to uncover our vocal feminine presence?

The reason I work with the most profound coaching tools created for women

client experiences

The transformation levels with the deep source of wisdom and wellness inside us.

The goals I have reached are beyond my dreams! I learned to trust my intuition. I learned to come in action and just try things out! I learned to step over my perfectionism and fear of flying. I learned that I can crawl up and try again - if I fall. And the most beautiful thing is that all change comes in a natural way. This is because the transformation levels with the deep source of wisdom and wellness inside us.

What came to life, it was... Well it was pure magic

"I am someone for whom anxiety hits hard on stage. What I have experienced with Elisabeth is that I came into real presence.
... because I was really present, and even through the pulpit of my fear I could be ME, I could speak authentically, I could speak from my heart, and that really touched the audience. This has given me such a boost in my self-confidence. "

Cindy Vranken

What's your authentic power?

Find out how to move from overwhelm towards opportunity and empowerment


The antidote of overwhelm and not manifesting what you long for

We first have to become the energy of what we long for.

When I was 11 I had a strange accident that catapulted my consciousness out of my body.

All at once I was surrounded with the deepest love imaginable – I saw everyone, heard it all – the panicked shouting and the business that was going on – but all was well.

Everything and everyone was exactly as it was supposed to be. All the external noise was stripped and what stayed was a vast space of love, acceptance, stillness and a meaningful intelligence were I could see the connection and worthiness of every individual person, flower, bird and drop of water in the river I looked upon.

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“Do not wait for someone else to come speak to you. It's you who can change the world” - Malala Yousafzai