RISE! gratis cursus – NL

Embrace YOU and expand the impact of your voice and vision!

Become part of a wonderful movement, with this free of charge course and workshop, where grassroots women leaders like you come to thrive, now that they, like you, have decided to be seen, heard and use their voice in order to RISE and be the fullest expression of themselves!

The Dutch version of this course is not available at this time – but you can still sign up for the free English course. You will receive an invitation to the closed FB group where you will receive wonderful free tips and tools to get you started on your way!

To subscribe to the English version (from 11 until 18 december) go here. 

"RISE!" de cursus die je gaat inspireren liefdevol voor je droom te gaan staan, en de verandering die je in de wereld wilt zien te gaan verwezenlijken.

Ja, ik wil me graag aanmelden voor de gratis online cursus "RISE!"
dit veld niet invullen s.v.p.