resonate what makes you happyCoaching and mentoring to support you to live joyfully while leaving your legacy

You care deeply for the people and world around you. You’re proud of the goals you’ve set for yourself and the achievements you’ve made professionally.

Your determination to create all this has brought you far and given you much.

But you've noticed something essential is missing.

Let’s face it…

We’re busy. All the time. 

We hardly take a moment to listen to our own heart.

You know you’ve mastered your field. You love what you could do with it, and might have found unique ways to share it with the world.

But something feels off, inauthentic almost, and you are wondering if you should push through or learn more first. And instead of feeling the freedom to step up, share your voice, you see yourself holding back, not putting out your most beloved projects, and not claiming your leadership.

Do you even remember taking hours for a luxurious bath, being lost in carefree writing or painting in nature, just for the joy of it?

Or are you so busy managing between your own life, your children, family and work, you hardly can’t hear the longing whispers of your own soul, let alone act upon it?

When you take time off, to enjoy life and be playful,  are you only bringing yourself,  your friends, kids or your partner with you? Or are you giving your inner critic a place at the table too?

Making you feel guilty for all the ‘other’ responsibilities you’re neglecting right now… spoiling a wonderful moment by making you irritated and moody.

"I needed to do SOMETHING, that was clear. And then I met Elisabeth, she explained about the program and I felt an immediate sense of homecoming. Both with her – and the content of the program"

Hi, I’m Elisabeth de Charon de Saint Germain.

I’m a professional classical singer, the first One of Many™ Coach of the Netherlands and a Female Leadership Expert for ambitious women worldwide who create positive change in the world, but also deeply yearn for more sanity, me-time, the closeness of friends, family, romance and most of all the divine inner feeling of peace and belonging in their own lives.

As long as I remember I’m a change maker. I’m a revolutionary by heart, as a child I wanted to become a knight. So I became an entrepreneur. A mentor. A voice whisperer and a healer. A mother of two wonderful children. I live and work together with my husband, from a beautiful place on the countryside of the Netherlands, in a historic tramstation building, next to a star-shaped wood, and our bio-dynamic garden. 

For years I’ve focused upon realizing my dreams, our dreams. Raising our children, building businesses, creating change. A women with goals and a drive.

But I also felt overwhelmed and on the edge of exhaustion. I was convinced I would beat the danger of burnout by learning a better mindset, learning more skills, thinking smarter, doing more.

I willed myself to succeed; founding four beautiful soul- and environment- uplifting businesses. Guiding our children towards adulthood. Studying abroad and in my own country, deepening my professional and business skills. Doing daily tasks, overcoming traumatic childhood experiences, giving meaningful courses, retreats, teaching hundreds of people to find their voice, and singing in churches and theaters. For several years I was the main caretaker for my father who suffered from a severe chronic disease.

I loved most of it. And it felt right at the time to do so. Having it all. Creating it all.

The only big elephant in the room was that I missed the grounded feeling of happiness.

Debunking the myth of Super Woman

This archetype of Super Women, we consider to be helpful, is actually causing overwhelm, insecurity and a lack of leadership.

Being in Super Woman for 15 minutes is fine. She will save your life in a fight or flight situation. 

But living from the adrenal fuelled power of Super Woman for any time longer, let alone 15 years, is just exhausting and mind numbing.

We know… family, work and business, they all need our full attention and focus.

And yes, like you, I’ve found ways to push myself, in order to create the results I needed to make, – but missing out on having a healthy, balanced life, never feeling quite satisfied and well rested… 


We’re busier than ever.
We’re overwhelmed and often lack the support we need.
And we’re 60% more likely to suffer from job stress and burnout than men.

We need a more balanced life to step up to the call of leadership.

Because sh*t chaos happens.

But it’s how we handle it that determines our influence and impact.

"I learned to trust my intuition. I learned to come in action and just try things out! I learned that I can crawl up and try again - if I fall."



Making space to lead from authentic feminin power

The one who could lead with love, clarity, magic, resilience and softness that lives inside of you, me, and in universal feminine energy. I knew this future guiding power very well, since I’ve used it in singing and in teaching people how to uncover their voice and presence.

I needed guidance to find out how to put the same soft powered principals to work in leadership as well.

To put it clear and simple: I decided to be happy – while creating positive change and earning a good living.

I looked for the best teachers in the world and found One of Many™. They showed and taught me a clear pathway  to reach the results I longed for. There I also found my international circle of sisterhood. 
It’s not about ‘doing more’, ‘working harder’, or ‘pushing through’.

And no, absolutely no, it’s not about hiding from your dreams. Your hidden idea’s, –  you know, the ones that give you that happy smile…,- the ones you’ve postponed to an unknown future -, all because you simply don’t have the time and energy for it.

With a grounding combination of solid scientific research, the best knowledge in leadership, self development, spirituality and profound female and wisdom, I gained the best insights and tools available.
Created by women for women
After studying with them for over a year I became a One of Many™ Women Coach myself, so I could help other women to get out of overwhelm and become the change they wanted to see in the world.


There’s an inner call to create positive change, leave your legacy… and thrive. 

This call of stepping into a position of authority is for all women. Women who are running small businesses, leading teams in large organisations, and women who are being role models  for their children or anyone else…
All women are role models.


  The draining experience of having to do it all yourself.

 Missing out on the juicy and magical parts of life.

 The sleepless nights of wondering how everything will fit together.

 The loneliness you experienced the minute you stepped up in a position of leadership before.

 The feeling of not being able to meet the expectations from everyone and having to let others down.

  Having lots of enthusiastic driven energy that makes it easy to get things done for others, but caring in the same way for your own projects turns out to be a lot harder.

 Having so many ideas, seeing so many opportunities but not seeing a big vision to lead from.

 Your energy is scattered and can’t find a way to align your vision with life’s circumstances.

 Even when everyone involved gives you their full confidence, there’s still a part of you that thinks you’re a fraud.


So, you’ve been holding back, and at the same time you’ve tried to pushed through.

And this behaviour no longer feels in line with who you really are.

Who you feel called for.

Staying stuck, keeping small, or pushing through from a place of adrenal driven power is certainly not sustainable on the long run.

The costs are burn-out, overwhelm, lack of clarity, and bad decision making.

"I finally finished a manuscript for a book and sent it to a publisher – this is what I wanted to do for years, but somehow never managed to do."

We do need a new kind of power.

A power the world needs us to be, so we can be role models for the change we want to see in the world.

A power in collaboration, not competition. Co-operation, not coercion. Replenishment, not depletion.

You feel the call to change your own life, bring a fresh flow in your business and career, and impact the society you live in. The ‘Resonate!’ programs are designed to guide you, empower you and create that sustainable shift you are looking for. 

What I’m offering you is a program that has the potential to transform, sometimes even transcend, your life, career and business to the next level. 

It’s a pathway to embrace your authentic feminine power, to creating a life wherein happiness is your ‘new normal’, in being empowered, and having the  courage and skills to lead with your true voice and presence.

You resonating your authentic being will cause a love revolution.

It might take some time to see this reflected in the world, but you will feel it inside yourself, in the divine inner feeling of peace and belonging into your own life.

 You can make an incredible success of your big launch, your public talks, your rise to leadership from a place of joy!

 You will reclaim the feeling of freedom, seeing the countless possibilities, and find the certainty of deciding without the stress and fear off running out of time and energy. 


And, most of all, you’re this wonderful woman who wants to embrace life. Connect with others. Live, work, and share with passion and purpose.

You will be able to enjoy the things that matter most to you in live – and with doing that you’re going to be a part of a Love Revolution!

"The most beautiful thing is that all the change comes in a natural way. This is because the transformation levels with the deep source of wisdom and wellness inside us."