resonateFully express yourself. Lead the change you want to see

Life's too precious to disconnect from your soul's calling.

Are you able to honor your inner voice? Live joyously? Create and lead the change you want to see?

Or is your unbalanced work/life keeping you from fulfilling those dreams?

Are you too busy, overwhelmed, and tired, - to be and lead -, from the authentic YOU?

You’re guided by your purpose and vision. You deeply care for the people and the world around you.

You have (sometimes magical) abilities that help the world to be a good place to live in.

Shying away from your responsibilities? It is simply not in your DNA. And you do what needs to be done.

Even when it means having to sacrifice things you really love to do. But you’re willing to give it up if it serves a purpose.

Your whole life you’ve been the strong one.
Being strong, always ‘ready to make it happen’, that becomes a habit. 
People expect it, – your family, team, partner, the clients in your business, even your friends. 

But the question is, do they really?

Or do they love to see you relax a little, answering to the call from your inner voice?
Reconnecting with the vibrant YOU, your soul is begging you to make space for?

Let’s face it…

We’re busy. Freaking all the time. 

When do we take time to release tension? Ask ourselves what it is that we really need and want? Listen to the voice of our heart?

In a way, we behave as if we have to be Super Woman.

We want it all, but we don’t allow time to grow, relax. We even don’t take time to celebrate our successes in life!

Yes, this determination has brought us far. Given us much. But, wow, there have been tremendous costs as well.


And now there’s this inside voice who wonders: when is it enough?

You have been given warning signs that you are heading towards overwhelm. 

And you wonder why you do not feel the happiness you had expected be part of your life by now.


When is it your turn to breathe? To uncover your voice, become visible, and truly be heard?

You know you’ve mastered your field. You love what you could do with it, and might have found unique ways to share it with the world.

But something feels off, inauthentic almost, and you are wondering if you should push through or learn more first. And instead of feeling the freedom to step up, share your voice, you see yourself holding back, not putting out your most beloved projects, and not claiming your leadership.

Do you even remember taking hours for a luxurious bath, being lost in carefree writing or painting in nature, just for the joy of it?

Or are you so busy managing between your own life, taking care of your children, parents, and the demands of your business, career and your volunteering work, you hardly can’t hear the longing whispers of your own soul, let alone act upon it?

When you take time off, to enjoy life and be playful,  are you only bringing yourself,  your friends, kids or your partner with you? Or are you giving your inner critic a place at the table too?

Making you think about all your ‘other’ responsibilities you’re neglecting right now… spoiling a wonderful moment by making you feel guilty, irritated and moody.

You have so much to say. It's time to let yourself be championed and supported so you can create the changes you wish to see!

That's why I created "Resonate". It gives you the tools and insights to reconnect with your soul's voice. It shows you how to lead from your authentic feminine power.

"I learned to trust my intuition. I learned to come in action and just try things out! I learned to step over my perfectionism and fear of flying. I learned that I can crawl up and try again - if I fall."

Annette van de Maarel, business owner, writer, coach